Deltec Homes Expands Green Design


COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of our home and our environment. With sheltering in place the last few months, we had to create our entire world within our walls—some even going so far to rename their bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and wine cellars with airport designations like BDR, BTH, LVR, WIC, among others.  That has led to an intensified need to be connected—with one another and with nature.  It has reminded us of the link between us and our natural environment. 

As the world becomes more urbanized, mounting evidence suggests that having nature as part of our home environment makes people happier and healthier.  This has led to a resurgence in the concept of biophilic design. The trend towards biophilic design recognizes the need for connecting humans and nature in their built environments, from architecture to interior design to landscaping.   It is a natural extension of the long-established push for sustainability as we look to better understand our reliance on nature and become better environmental stewards. It is rapidly becoming a top priority not only for environmentally concerned millennials but for luxury home buyers as well.

By 2021 it’s estimated that more than 60 percent of residential projects will be built “green,” according to recent surveys of both building professionals and homeowners.  The new normal then will be manifested in new homes as today, new is seen as healthier and greener.  Homes such as the ones sustainably engineered by Deltec ( will see enhanced appeal as their biophilic design taps into these new lifestyle priorities.  

From the outside, their flagship 360 degree round homes are structured with more natural, organic shapes that make the homes not just naturally more energy efficient but also protect far better from the most extreme weather. From the inside, their walls of widows capture breathtaking panoramic views such as the vivid turquoise blue of the sea , the mirror-like reflections of a lake, or the multi-hued vistas of majestic peaks, bringing nature into the sanctuary of your home and the calming benefits that it brings.

Deltec – for the past 50 years – has built custom homes to exist in harmony with the natural world.  Using a hybrid approach, this luxury home builder combines the convenience of a prefab manufacturer with the luxury of a custom home builder providing the efficiency and precision of factory building merged with the flexibility and location specific design of a custom stick-built home. 

According to Steve Linton, President, Deltec Homes, “A deep connection to nature has always been our design philosophy and now it has taken on even more importance post-pandemic.  We transcend aesthetics to achieve exceptional functionality in biophilic design, building green for high performance.  We connect people with the planet by design, building environmentally friendly homes that sustain and never degrade the world around us.  Biophilic design is not just another design style that improves the look of an interior, it is really important for emotional and physical health.” 

Deltec has built more than 5,000 homes in all 50 states as well as over 30 countries on five continents, in places as far away as Australia and as remote as Palau and Mongolia.  Driven by integrity, Deltec’s modern functionality streamlines the creation of an exceptionally personalized home within a naturally connected and sustainable world.