Destined For Greatness: The New Scent of Spiritual Luxury From Initio Parfums Prives

Initio Parfums Prives has again pushed the boundaries of fragrance innovation with their latest release, Oud for Greatness NEO. Known for their dedication to creating transformative fragrances that go beyond the olfactory experience, Initio has positioned themselves at the forefront of the perfume industry, blending cutting-edge science with spiritual practices.

According to a recent article in Forbes, Initio uses the chemical compound Hedione to stimulate the limbic system, creating a sense of desire for both the wearer and those around them. This is not just about smelling good; it’s about tapping into the powerful scent-mind connection to elicit emotional and physiological responses.

Initio’s incarcerates a distinct approach to fragrance; A combination of modern scientific advancements and ancient spiritual practices. Ingredients like **Palo Santo** and **White Sage** are employed for their cleansing properties, enhancing the overall experience of their fragrances.

While Oud for Greatness has become a niche fragrance trailblazer and best-seller, the new Oud for Greatness NEO promises an elevated and luxurious addition to their Black & Gold Collection with an olfactive hierarchy that is simultaneously Avant-garde and earthbound.

The Emblematic house of Initio Parfums has collaborated with the prestigious Harrods of London to come up with Initio Parfums Privés’ signature Oud for Greatness. The celebrated oud blend is an ode to the robust and powerful essence of oud and its multifaceted spirit. In this blend, oud is taken to higher levels by pairing it with Lavender orpur and bergamot, for an addictive scent trail that evokes the senses and boosts energy and self-confidence.’ Initio Parfums Prives

– Oud: Acts as a stimulant for mental and psychic functions.
– Fir Balsam: Boosts confidence and determination.
– Bergamot: Uplifts mood and reduces anxiety.
– Orpur® Lavender: Calms and relieves stress.

The new edition comes in the signature flacon of the original creation, with ‘Harrods” on the front side of the packaging. The woody, fresh fragrance boasts the opulence of agarwood (oud), spicy saffron, herbal fir balsam, bergamot zest, and fragrant lavender, for a lavish oud experience.

Oud for Greatness NEO is exclusively available on the Initio Parfums Prives website. Click here for information and purchase.