Style by Stevey

Introducing Stevey Murray – Stylist to Watch, Bringing Out a New Fashion Sensibility in Us All. 

By Lori Simmons Zelenko

A firm believer that creation cannot happen in the absence of curiosity and exploration, up and coming stylist Steve Murray sat down with MILLENNIUM MAGAZINE to talk about his fashion sensibility – past, present and future.

MM: Were you born just loving fashion and style? Tell us who led you down the path to becoming the stylist you are today.

SM:  From my first steps I adored all things beautiful and fabulous. But I would have to dedicate my adoration for fashion and personal style to my Grandmother Barbara Murray.

As a stylist-in-the-making – granted I was only 5-6 years old then – I cherished the opportunity to peruse through her gorgeous designer gowns, her coats, her dresses, shoes, and accessories at such an early age…this was magic to me. I learned the “language” of the great designers, my grandma would explain to me, as if it were a fairytale in a way. How amazing these designers were!

MM: So Stevey, tell me what was your first styling “job”?

SM:  My first gig was senior prom in high school. I can’t tell you what a great feeling it was being able to make my classmates feel beautiful and confident! Seeing the confidence a new look brings – that was my turning point. From that moment on, I knew that I wanted to be a stylist.

MM: Glamour aside, how do you define your day-to-day aesthetic?

SM: Clients love that I can work with them to create a fashion formula for everyday. Black is always a favorite. But what’s great about black is how you can add color or pattern to jazz it up. That’s how to transform your fashion formula into an unequaled equation.

MM: Stevey do you have a signature. When you face the mirror what do you choose for yourself?

SM: Anything monochromatic. Black and white is perfect. I will add a pop of color (preferably red) just to show a bit of flair! But you know, what’s most important is that I find tailoring to be the ultimate fashion decision maker. When something fits to your body just the way you want…wow! All of a sudden, you’re a mile high…with great fit anyone exudes an uber-attractive level of confidence.

MM: So now that we know where we’re going and where – style wise – you came from…Anything else you want to share about how Stevey styles?

SM:  My approach to styling a client is a bit different: I like to connect their look to their lifestyle – so yes, I have to be involved, dedicated and personal to create the best look for their lives, there needs to be a connection between stylist and client. What’s my reward? Seeing a man or woman feel and look their very best. And with that seeing that boost in confidence that results in newfound allure. What a precious gift!