Best Way To Care For Natural Hair In The Winter

The weather has a significant effect on your hair. In the summer the heat can dry your hair and damage the cuticles, potentially leading to brittle hair. The winter can be even harsher on hair. The wind and the coldness of the air actually suck the moisture from your hair. This causes frizz, split ends, and breakages. In fact, the conditions stress your hair, making it harder for it to stay healthy.

Alongside this, you will probably find yourself wearing hats and scarves which snag on your hair and cause further damage. The good news is that you can care for your natural hair in the winter and keep it looking and feeling good.

Wash It Regularly

It is always a good idea to wash your hair regularly. But, winter is not the time to wash it every day and increase the likelihood of breakage and damage. Instead, choose a great shampoo and a deep conditioner from the Kevin Murphy range and shampoo it every other day.

This reduces the chance of damage. In addition, you should deep condition it at least twice a week to help keep your hair hydrated and give it the nutrition it needs.

Consider A Style Change

Another great way to look after your hair in winter is to consider changing your style to one that protects hair better, such as braiding. It may seem extreme but a protective hairstyle can limit the amount of damage done to your hair and will help to ensure your hair stays healthy.

Eat Well

Your hair is mainly protein and it needs plenty of this compound to stay healthy. This means eating a balanced diet and ensuring you have plenty of protein in every meal. It’s good for your general health and is great for your hair. 

In short, a balanced diet including staying hydrated, ensures your hair can lock in moisture and stay healthy, even when the temperature drops.

Steam It

You’ll find that steam can also be very beneficial to your winter hair. Steam is effectively small particles of water, As they are so small they can penetrate into your hair easily, helping it to stay hydrated.

You can hold your hair over a bowl of boiling water but it’s just as easy to take a quick hot shower.

Although steam is good it is worth trying to stay away from your heated styling tools. They are likely to damage your hair further.

Sealing Products

There are an array of products on the market that will seal your hair for you. These products are specifically designed to ensure moisture stays locked in. You can also use olive or jojoba oil to achieve the same result. Just make sure whatever oil you use is melted at room temperature.

Keep it Trimmed

It’s also a good idea to keep the ends of your hair trimmed. This reduces the risk of split ends and other breakages, effectively keeping your hair healthy.

With these simple practices, you can keep your hair looking and feeling great throughout the winter months.