By Elizabeth Hazard

There’s nothing like beating the winter blues with a fresh haircut. So I was thrilled to be invited to try out Fox and Jane Salon this past weekend. With four locations in New York and one in San Diego, Fox and Jane Salon offers a fun and relaxed environment. With my complimentary glass of wine in hand, I sat back and let my stylist Ritchie Andrew work his magic. I even got him to share a few tricks of the trade with me.

MM: Any advice for dealing with dried out, dull winter hair?

FJS: I highly suggest the following three steps for battling the “Winter Hair Blues”:

1. Part with a little bit of length and bulk to maintain soft, clean ends.

2. Treat yourself to a glaze partnered with an Olaplex treatment. This will increase strength and luster that is lost due to lack of moisture, along with the wear and tear of chemical and mechanical damage from coloring and styling.

3. Consult with your stylist about the right products for the season. Like our skin, the state of our hair can be highly dependent upon external elements such as heat, humidity, cooler temperatures, sunlight, the water in your area, etc. What may work for your hair in the summer may not be the best fit for the winter.

MM: What’s on trend for hair in the upcoming months?

FJS: I am seeing a lot more requests for powerful “Ronze” tones (red tones mixed with Browns and coppers). This is a play on the “Bronde” trend that we saw over the last couple of years. Also, while pastel colors are still somewhat current, most have concluded that getting an overall pastel effect could take multiple services (and lots of money) to achieve, not to mention the high potential of damage to the hair. In comes the “dip-dye” trend. This is a fun, yet subtle alternative that will give you some fun pops of color without the color maintenance or the tedious process of an overall lightening service.

MM: Is there one celebrity right now who most women are coming in referencing for looks?

FJS: Khloe Kardashian. Hands down. We have seen her at every level on the hair color spectrum, from the deepest brunette, to the palest blonde, and everywhere in between. I can guarantee that somewhere along the lines of her hair-color journey is the perfect look for you.

MM: Following the Oscars, what can we expect to see people mimic from their favorite stars in regard to hair on the red carpet in future award shows?

FJS: There are a lot of elements that go into creating a complete look for an award ceremony. Part of that process involves styling the hair to accentuate the actor’s best features while not overpowering them or the dress they’re wearing. Personally, I’d really like to see some hair drama on the red carpet: soft, highly textured, deconstructed styles to offset the formalwear on display.

MM: What’s one easy-to-do trick you recommend to your clients who might not have a lot of time to spend on their hair?

FJS: One of the best things you can do to spruce up your style is invest in two items: a 1-inch barrel curing iron/wand, and a texture spray, such as Rockaway Salt Spray from R+co. Start by wrapping relatively thick sections of hair around the barrel of the iron AWAY from the face, leaving about 2-3 inches out at the bottom. Once you’ve completed the curls all over, turn your head upside down and spritz your texture spray towards the ends of the hair and rake your hands through your hair. You might consider this site – Spin Palace , to play your favorite games online. This will give you a polished, beachy wave without appearing too overdone. This is a look that transitions very well from daytime to nighttime as well.

MM: Are you often busy for fashion week? Tell us what its like for you.

FJS: YES. I tend to prep a lot of models for events such as fashion week, as well as actors for upcoming roles, auditions and photo sessions. Aside from spending time behind the chair, I will do hair color education for salon professionals and attending my weekly acting classes. My work takes up A LOT of my time but I always find time to snuggle with Vesta, my Dachshund/Terrier rescue puppy.

Fox and Jane Salon has locations in New York in the East Village, Lower East Side, Upper West Side and Brooklyn.