Landisch: A Brand Born Out of Love for Fashion

Landisch made its US debut during New York Fashion Week, Spring/Summer 2024

The story of the LANDISCH brand started when Sandra, at the age of 6, moved to Portugal with her family, where she spent her childhood and most of her adult life. Always inspired by the world’s beauty and its colours, Sandra showed an eye for fashion from a very young age, inheriting the love for sewing from her Grandmother. She designed and create her own dress and shoes with only 8 years old. In parallel she was also diving into the Hip Hop scene, dancing and rapping. She later studied fashion and started making a name for herself, creating designs inspired in her eclectic surroundings. The brand LANDISCH was created in 2011, born to inspire people to be more colourful, bold and audacious with their personal style. Late 2018 Sandra moved to France, where she continued to invest in her brand and collecting inspiration from the always vibrant French atmosphere. LANDISCH is now a French brand, proudly born in Portugal.

LANDISCH is a representation of the artist, the stylist and its unique personality. Hence its artistic core is build up from a mix of influences and interests, like breaking, rapping and, of course, fashion. Before Streetwear culture became mainstream, LANDISCH was already working hard to gain recognition in the market.

LANDISCH is where Sandra frees her creativity and presents exclusive, eclectic and unique designs, produced in limited editions.The designs are a direct reflection of her artistic experiences, deeply rooted within Hip Hop and a community that shares a style and a way of life.

Sandra Landisch (Sandra da Silva Pereira) is a Portuguese fashion designer, born in Germany in 1988.

“LANDISCH represents community, harmony, authentic spirit. A brand born out of love for fashion, that aims to reach a natural symbiosis between Streetwear and Luxury Couture. It is strenght, resilience,” said Sandra Landisch, Founder. “It represents a way of living, a feeling of belonging to a particular movement, where Streetwear sets the pace and allows us to be the best version of ourselves. I want people to see LANDISCH and immediately understand my vision, where I come from and what my brand stands for.”

– Photos by 1331 Photography | Tiagoo Fonseca