We Are What We Eat: 6 Steps to a Healthy Nutrition Makeover in 2021

The holiday season is over, and with it, the feasts, long lunches, and delicious comfort food. If you have taken the time to enjoy this food and spend time with your loved ones, it means you had a fantastic winter break. While you should not beat yourself over the few extra desserts you have enjoyed, now it is time to fill your body with healthy fuel – after all, there are goals and projects to be conquered in the months ahead, and you need your energy to be at its highest! 

So, while staying away from the idea of restrictive or fad diets, it is important to understand what foods and nutritional regimes to follow to enjoy the healthiest lifestyle. Below, you can find some tips to enjoy a way of eating that can help you reach your fitness and health goals (while also being delicious). 

Information Is Key

It is impossible to open any social media platform without being targeted by millions of messages regarding what we should or should not be eating. New fad diets are developed every day, and they all gain a fair share of followers. However, while these resolutions might keep up for a bit, they don’t represent a long-term solution to improve your lifestyle and health. 

So, it is important to take your nutrition into your hands, speak to a certified nutritionist, and research new studies. While this might cause you to invest money and time into it, it is important not to underestimate this process. After all – we are what we eat! And, if you want to be at your strongest and healthiest, you will need to understand what foods help you achieve these results. 

Flat-lay Photography of Vegetable Salad on PlatePhoto by Ella Olsson from Pexels

Try Something New (and Leverage a Thriving Community!)

January is a great moment to start working on your fitness and on a healthy routine, which can help you set a great pace for the rest of the year. However, the beginning of the year is also an extremely important moment to consider a drastic change. Of course, when this change relates to your nutrition, speaking to an expert doctor is the first step to take. 

However, once you have done so, trying something new in January is a great way to discover a supportive community that can answer your questions and keeps your motivation up! Some initiatives and projects happening around this time of the year, such as Veganuary, can help you try a new lifestyle without having to commit for long terms. 

It All Starts at the Grocery Store!

Of course, there are always takeaways and that frozen pizza that is still in your freezer for emergency situations. However, what you will eat during a week is what is in your fridge (for the greatest part) and what is in your fridge depends on what you decide to buy. What goes into our supermarket cart is the result of habits, culture, and preferences – and we don’t always put health first!

However, when at the supermarket, you have the chance to influence what you will eat and how you will feel in the days ahead. 

Some tips to help you shop for a healthy lifestyle include:

  • Do one big shopping for the week (so you can avoid short supermarket trips when you are hungry and in the mood for a burger!)
  • Keep a running list so you can add to it. Once it is ready, stick to it!
  • Stay in the healthy compartments for as much as possible. This includes shopping at the fresh vegetables, bakery, and fruit sections. 
  • Opt for natural foods instead of processes
  • Create recipes for the week and buy the ingredients for them

Take Enough Time to Cook and Eat

When it comes down to giving yourself a health makeover, your habits will influence the outcomes. Indeed, if you are always stressed, overwhelmed, in a rush, or in desperate need of some time for yourself, this will show. 

Such a hectic lifestyle will make you feel like you are always late for something while never able to catch up with your chores. In turn, stress can turn into anxiety, poor sleep, inflammation, and irritability, getting in the way of your health and personal relationships. 

So, start by redesigning your habits. Do so by using journaling as a tool for scheduling your day and setting intentions. This strategy can also help you carve out enough time for yourself, meditate, relax, exercise, and eat properly. 

A quick sandwich at work can help you reduce hunger, but it might not help you eat mindfully or enjoy the food you have prepared. So, make sure you are allocating enough time to prepare each meal with fresh ingredients and take time out to enjoy it fully!

Speak to Your Dentist

When improving your nutrition, you can’t ignore the role that mouth, teeth, and digestive system play. Indeed, if you have been experiencing problems with your gums or your teeth are misaligned or missing, you might struggle to bite and chew food properly. In turn, this can cause digestive problems, including bloating.

While these might not be signs of a bad diet, it is crucial to look after your oral health when attempting to improve your general health. Speaking to an expert dentist can help you identify and resolve any problems related to your oral health. 

Understand What Supplements You Need

Because of our diets and lifestyles, we might not be able to consume all the vitamins and minerals we need for a healthy lifestyle. However, without them, it is possible to develop diseases and conditions that can significantly reduce our quality of life.

Of course, what we drink and eat are the major sources of minerals, vitamins, and precious compounds. However, it can be difficult to ensure that we are consuming everything we need on a daily basis.

Therefore, when evaluating your nutritional regime, it is crucial to learn about the different supplements and how they can help you. For example, if you have only recently embraced a plant-based lifestyle, you might need to complete your nutrition with B12 supplements. Speaking to your nutritionist and deciding to take a blood test can help you understand what you need and how to live a more balanced lifestyle.