Robin Thicke gets the crowd going. Kyle Stefanski and father Marc. Emile Hirsch From left:Danny A. Abeckaser, David Arquette, P.J Byrne Robin Thicke performs at the Rhonda’s Kiss Good Fortune Gala at TAO Los Angeles, an evening to raise funds for cancer patients in need.

Enlisting Grammy nominee Robin Thicke and a regale of celebrities, the inaugural “Good Fortune Gala” fundraiser packed a full house at the opulent TAO in Hollywood.  In addition to Thicke’s rousing performance, Robert Davi crooned the crowd through a gourmet, multi-course dinner.  Actor P.J Byrne proved a masterful MC and convivial host.

Attending talent at the gala included Kevin Connolly, Peter Facinelli, David Arquette, Emile Hirsch, Leonardo DiCaprio, Danny A. Abeckaser, Ryan Cabrera, Bryan Greenberg, Vincent Laresca, Jon Carlo, Diana Madison, Apolo Ohno, Sergio Carrallo, and Derek Warburton.

The Big C.  Not on the list of favorite subjects for most, yet it affects almost everyone at some point in life.  It’s never convenient and it doesn’t care if you have the money for treatment and expenses or not.  When actor Kyle Stefanski lost his beloved mother Rhonda to pancreatic cancer, he turned his loss into hope and dedication to assisting others.   In memory of his mother, Rhonda’s Kiss was established to help ease the financial burden for those who suffer from the disease.

Rhonda’s Kiss focuses exclusively on a patient’s non-medical expenses.  Nationally, patients spend over 80 million dollars on treatment with a substantial percentage expending their entire life savings and/or acquiring overwhelming debt.  Working closely with City of Hope, Cleveland Clinic, and Cedars Sinai, Rhonda’s Kiss yields funds and awareness to support those in need of financial assistance to cover living expenses such as mortgage or rent, transportation, ancillary services, childcare, groceries or utilities.

At Rhonda’s Kiss, my father, brothers, and sisters and I, along with our board and partners, are reminded every day that people struggling with cancer need support to maintain their dignity and fight. The focus should be on fighting the disease, not on whether one can pay their rent. We are blessed to have the assistance of our national hospital partners and supporters to continue to build a legacy of helping others fight this terrible disease through the beautiful memory of my mother, Rhonda Stefanski.”  – Kyle Stefanski, Rhonda’s son, and Executive Director of Rhonda’s Kiss

In honor of the event, Rhonda’s Kiss supporters STARE Cosmetics was on hand with a limited-edition rose lipstick.