3 Top Style Trends to Start Sporting in 2021

If you want to look your best, year in and year out, you need to keep up with the trends. The problem, right now, is that it can be difficult to know what’s en vogue when you’re cooped up inside so much.

Normally, you can get out on the town and see what’s dominating nightlife, streetwear and the chic restaurant scene. Then, you just follow along and pick the top options that suit your sense of style. As mentioned, that’s a lot harder to do right now, though.

Have no fear — there are still a few ways to make sure you’re staying up to date and fashion-forward this year. For starters, stick with the following top style trends in 2021 and you’ll be good to go.

1. Peacocking with Flair

After one of the roughest years imaginable, everyone is looking forward to a summer that will hopefully give us many more possibilities when it comes to showing off our fashion sense. At a time like this, it only makes sense to be a bit extravagant; after all, we’re all eager to finally strut our stuff outside again.

The breakout Netflix hit Bridgerton has already been serving as inspiration for decadent, over-the-top attire in radiant colors. Not to mention, bubblegum pink has been all the rage this spring. And, for jewelry, you’ll be seeing chains, charms, neon enamel and glitzy earrings all summer, according to Cosmopolitan. Put it all together and you should be looking to shine and pop from head to toe.

2. Stylish Comfort

With so many people now working remotely, the business casual wardrobe has fallen out of favor — and we’ll likely never see that trend return, at least in the short term. Comfort is now king, and we’ll continue seeing more and more people proudly wearing athleisure wear and sneakers in places and settings where that outfit may have seemed too informal in the past.

Society was already moving in this direction before March 2020, but it’s key to remember that there’s a big difference between “clean, casual comfort” and “slob-wearing pajamas.” You still want to put together a stylish outfit that fits well and looks nice. Everyone from the household name brands in sportswear to designer labels is offering a wide range of colors, styles and materials, though, so you have no shortage of options from which to choose.

3. Sheer Beauty

Last year, the barely-there trend toward sheer had a big resurgence on runways and the high-end fashion world — and it will continue to be seen throughout 2021. Elle called it “fashion for the fearless,” and there’s no doubt rocking everything from full-on see-through to semi-sheer dresses is a bit of a risk.

But, if not now, when? Really, it doesn’t have to be so daring. This isn’t a catwalk, and this look works just as well layered with various items, including sexy garters — which are back in fashion again and work great alongside stylish lingerie beneath sheer blouses and tank tops. Live a little and give it a shot.

Sporting the Top Styles All Year Long

This year is already starting to feel like a time for rejuvenation. In that sense, you’ll want to do the same with your wardrobe by revamping your closet with some top styles that are sure to impress throughout 2021. 

Nobody wants to do anything dull this year, so start off with some flash. Don’t be afraid to peacock a bit and show off — everyone else is doing it! At the same time, there’s no need to be so formal. Dress it down with some fresh athleisure gear paired with matching sneakers. Still, it can’t all be sweats and hoodies. Don’t be bashful and go for some sheer beauty — paired with daring undergarments and garters — that will turn a few heads.

Beyond the trends, simply wear what you love and in which you feel your best. Now, more than ever, it’s time to attack your closet. Don’t let anybody hold you back in 2021!