By Lori Simmons Zelenko


Fit and Fashion Rule on New Fashion Website

Halsey Schroder has set out to redefine luxury (in the online shopping arena) with unwavering style – never mind that though she is not even 30 years old herself. Her imagination has led her to create the perfectly posh yet 1,000% accessible curated fashion website, www.halsbrook.com  a reference not only to her first name, in itself an implication of leadership (WWII Commander Admiral Halsey even cited by Paul McCartney) but also to Millbrook (the horse country of upstate New York known for acres upon which thoroughbreds graze –  a special place where Halsey has spent time growing up.) 

The beauty of Halsbrook aside from the gorgeous clothes and exquisitely coordinated fashion statements (curated ensembles) is Halsey’s attention to every detail – the superb packaging and equally exceptional customer service not to mention the wonderfully on target looks often with new, surprising accessories that are a delight to the eye. Halsbrook.com is a must shop alternative for every sophisticated woman.  Fit is Queen and Halsey rules when it comes to making sure that even the shapeliest or the skinniest among us finds the right fit among fashion choices that work.

For native New Yorkers perpetually in a hurry Halsey promises immediate gratification – select an outfit  – a dress, top, jeans or accessorized ensemble and it is on its way instanteously via messenger from Halsbrook’s Hudson Street base. Faster than a speeding bullet – well, faster than a NY Taxi ride to Bergdorf’s – a messenger will (for a small fee) discreetly deliver to home or office. No more making excuses for shopping bags after lunch – and no more “business” lunches spent shopping! In fact, Halsey confesses, some of her best customers are after hours-shoppers…Las Vegas time?

“Busy women find that once 10 or 11 pm rolls around obligations are done, things calm down.  That’s when our customer has a moment to breathe and to plan her fashion statements – of course, for an occasion or a getaway but for day to day too!” says Halsey. Truly it is a luxury to shop a site that empowers you (with on target guidance) to do the right thing when it comes to fashion – achieve perfection and experience the most delicious luxury with a single click.