Sleeper Scarf

With the holiday season fast approaching, road trips and airplane travel are common happenstance and what better accessory to bring with you than the Sleeper Scarf!

There are scarves that have wrapped the necks and shoulders of almost everyone, and then there is the one scarf that stands out above all the rest and it is without a shadow of a doubt, this one. This scarf, the Sleeper Scarf, is the only one of its kind to serve a dual purpose, to be used as a colorful fashion accessory and doubles as a neck pillow. The pillow is discretely enclosed in a U-Shaped pocket and can be inflated in seconds or deflated when not in use. It is the perfect travel companion on an airplane or in a long car ride or road trip. It also comes with the option to use the neck pillow with the scarf or to enjoy the scarf alone as the pillow portion easily detaches from it. This patented scarf is a must-have for anyone wanting to not only look stylish when traveling but to also have a comfortable and cushiony accessory to complement their travels.

From personal experience, I have found the Sleeper Scarf to be a soft, plush and aesthetically beautiful accessory when I travel and I also enjoyed the compliments I have received from wearing it. It is truly a one-of-a-kind fashion accessory combined with pure comfort and elegance wrapped into one. It also makes for the perfect holiday gift for those who want to give a gift of originality and excellence. The Sleeper Scarf is the best travel accessory anyone could get wrapped up in without a doubt.

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