Jenae Alt is a Michigan native who is quickly gaining recognition as a female producer on the rise in Hollywood. Her passion is to develop compelling projects that educate, enlighten, and entertain people.

Her latest short film project “Fruit of the Fungus” is currently touring the festival circuit and she is gearing up to shoot a gritty feature film called “Fight Like A Girl” – which can be described as “Fight Club” for the ladies.

MM: Please tell us about yourself?

JA: I am an actress/producer who enjoys collaborating with ambitious and talented filmmakers to create memorable and high-concept work.

MM: What are the three words that best describe you?

JA: Loyal, determined, and compassionate.

MM: How did you get your start in the industry?

JA: Adam Sandler gave me my first speaking role in the movie “The Longest Yard.” He played a major role in launching my career and gave me the courage and strength to go on and produce my own projects. I was initially only on set to do some background work but I was focused to secure bigger and better and I was blessed to elevate my status.

MM: What do you love most about acting?

JA: My favorite aspect is the notion of being able to become a character that somebody else imagined in their head. I love capturing the essence of a real person and adding creative layers so the role comes to live and has meaning.

MM: Tell us about your unique project “The Ladies Room”?

JA: The Ladies Room takes you on a journey of self discover and life lessons in a Twilight Zone fashion. When the cattiness between two women escalates, where do they go to settle their disputes? Three words: The Ladies Room. Why do you think girlfriends usually go in pairs to the ladies room? To gossip? To take drugs? To enable each other’s bulimia? Well, maybe all of the above but they also go together to watch each other’s back, because when ‘cougars in training’ get together in clusters, things can go south quickly.

MM: Is there anything you regret as an actress?

JA: I wish I would have been more selective of the roles I chose early on in my career. But every role is a learning curve and has got me to where I am today. I love producing and starring in indie projects because I can dictate the theme and mood of the piece and have a lot more creative control. My latest short film “Fruit of the Fungus” is about a famous winemaker who leaves a mysterious map on his deathbed and his son and daughter must unite to find its true meaning.

MM: Tell us about your future projects?

JA: I’m developing a handful of TV pilots to shop to the networks and I’m working hard to secure a budget for my feature film project “Hit Like a Girl.” I’m working hard to attach some elite MMA fighters like Holly Holm.

MM: What’s the best advice you have ever been given?

JA: Your achievements will never disappoint you.

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