Crown Goose: Sweet Dreams are Made of This


In a perfect world, we’d spend about eight hours a day sleeping in order to be at our best during the 16 hours we’re up and about. This reality is not lost on many people, who will invest whatever is necessary on a mattress insulated with high tech contents and features that ensure optimal back support, body temperature, and blood circulation when the sleeper is at rest.

Given that sleep is a universal need, Crown Goose  is fittingly headquartered in South Korea, has two main offices in the United States, features ethically sourced goose down from Poland and outfits the suites and rooms of top tier properties of the Sheraton, Grand Hilton Hotel, InterContinental Group, Marriott Group, and the France-based Accor Group as well as numerous boutique hotels and resorts worldwide. It also doesn’t hurt that it has offered some comforting gifts to celebrities during pre-award show luxury lounges and backstage at Coachella.

With a celebrity following firmly in place, it’s only natural that the company offers custom bedding for private planes and yachts as well as a wedding collection that would be a dream addition to a couple’s gift registry. Although its “everyday” collection, available in neutral shades such as white, navy, and gray, begins at about $300 U.S., it is meant to be a “timeless” investment designed to endure if you care for your down comforter and sheets properly.

However, for some celebrity customers, custom sheets are the way to go if a well-rested body is part of their fortune. Case in point: Texas Rangers MLB right fielder Shin-Soo Choo commissioned an eponymous line that earned the title of the most expensive bedding in the world, with the full compliment of bedding’s value estimated at $350,000 to 400,000 U.S. The duvet cover is crafted from silk and is filled with the highest quality eiderdown, collected in very limited quantities from Iceland through an eco-friendly method gathered from the nests of eider ducks—adapted to withstand arctic winter–once that have been abandoned.

People’s spending habits have shifted in the past decade. Rather than spend disposable income on a lot of little luxuries, it’s wiser to have few well-chosen, experiential necessities that promise to improve the quality of everyday life.  Swapping out so-so bedding for one or two luxury hotel-grade sets of bedding makes perfect sense as we all try to declutter our existence. This may be why some opt to save up for “trips-of-a-lifetime” with meaningful experiences and spend a little extra on upgrades on airline seats, neck pillows, baby amenities, hotel rooms, and even travel kits with sprays, essential oils, and lip balm in the hopes of drifting off into that sweet good-night.

On the other hand, even when somebody has traded their hard-earned points on a business class or premium economy seat and scored a deal at a five-star Hilton or Sheraton, Crown Goose has offered an assist for journey—an investment that can soften the landing beyond u-shaped neck pillows and the cashmere shawls turning up in many traveler’s kits.

Even with luggage weight consideration, trading in a sweater, a few pairs of shoes, or that extra jacket for good bedding may be a smart tradeoff that will enhance the leisure or business traveler’s waking hours, as well as provide parents peace of mind during family holiday and “bleisure” travel, according to Andy Au of Crown Goose (, discussing the introduction of its travel gear collection, which includes the lavishly quirky Mellow Goose Down Indoor Boots.

“We spend about seven hours on average everyday in our bedding, so our bodies are subconsciously used to our bedding at home bedding,” Au explains. “This is particularly true for kids, who spend more time sleeping than adult and are more partial to their own bedding. While the beddings provided by luxury hotels are of high quality, they can never be better than the ones that are personally and uniquely chosen by the families themselves, with their own sleeping environment and sleeping patterns taken into account. A sudden change in the environment like a travel can bring about physical and mental discomfort, which tends to have greater impact upon kids. Luckily, the solution lies in packing an important piece of home.”

Au points to recent media coverage of germs found aboard airplanes and in hotel rooms, even when no expense is spared on amenities. Aspergillus niger, which may cause pneumonia and gastrointestinal hemorrhage, and Pseudomonas paucimobilis, which may cause infection of lungs and eyes have been spotted on pillows and blankets in the aircraft cabin. Blankets and pillows provided in flight on most airlines are only washed every 5 to 30 days at maximum. Furthermore, the bed throws that add an extra dimension of chic to fine hotel rooms are not regularly washed.

“The best thing to do is to bring your own pillow and blanket whether you are traveling by car or by plane,” affirms Au. “Those made from natural fabrics, such as alpaca or wool, greatly help you adopt to the in-flight temperature. Our Dia Noche Throw/Blanket contains 50% of alpaca and has a silky smooth touch and warmth.”

Another thing that can disrupt the rest of the most acclimated and adaptable business traveler is the in-flight temperature problem. It cannot be directly controlled and there is no one temperature that would make everyone on the flight happy. In-flight blankets provided by the airlines, even in Business Class, lack warmth and are rarely long enough to cover the entire adult body and often carry germs. One way to stave off excessive air conditioning on the plan is by adding the aforementioned Mellow Goose Down Indoor boots, which prevent legs from swelling by boosting blood circulation.

“The variety of new experiences during travels will be more positively remembered in the minds of your families if they are in a stable and comfortable state of mind,” concludes Au. “The same holds true for business travelers. Just as you would want to be well rested for meetings on your home turf—especially if your home already has our bedding—wouldn’t you want to ensure the same conditions for your big meetings away from home?”