Morocco – Kingdom of Light

Moroccan National Tourist Office Hosts the New York Unveiling of “Morocco – Kingdom of Light”:

The New International Tourism Campaign Aims to Renew Post Pandemic Interest in the Country.

Morocco is ready to return to all its pre-pandemic glory. On May 19th, members of the Moroccan National Tourist Office, alongside a host of trusted tourism professionals, hosted an industry event at The Plaza in New York City to unveil their new campaign:  “Morocco – Kingdom of Light”.

Famous for its uniqueness, the light in Morocco is an incredible source of inspiration for artists of yesterday and tomorrow.  Through this new campaign, the country aims to regain its position as one of the most iconic and inspiring global destinations, a favorite amongst the world’s most discerning and adventurous travelers. To reach a new younger traveler, in demand of unexpected and discoveries, the campaign film pay homage to the wealth of experiences in the country and showcases its forward-thinking and modern spirit.

New York City is the final stop on “The Light Tour,”  a series of strategic international campaign unveilings in three major cities:  Paris, London, and New York.

Young handsome tourist enjoying a moment alone in a Moroccan style tea shop. Drinking traditional tea and eating typical Arabic sweets.

Morocco, a destination that is reinventing itself

More than just a country to visit, Morocco is a country that needs to be experienced through its art, its living culture and its craftsmanship.  The history of the country is uniquely juxtaposed with thoroughly modern and avant-garde elements of design and architecture.

In 2019, just prior to the COVID crisis, Morocco welcomed 13 million tourists. In this new post-covid international environment, the Moroccan kingdom is reinventing itself, responding to the new challenges faced by the tourism market.Morocco has long been a top travel destination for Americans, and with its new campaign, it seeks to inspire the next generation of the young travelers.

Over the last twenty years, tourism has the top spot as one of Morocco’s main assets and as such, it holds a central place in its economy. It is considered a strategic sector that accompanies development, and generates, on average, 7% of the country’s GDP.

Moroccan music was played throughout the night for guests to experience.

Photo: Moroccan National Tourist Office.

Members of the Moroccan National Tourist Office.

Photo: Moroccan National Tourist Office

Guests viewing Morocco National Tourist Office’s new campaign, Kingdom of Light. Photo: Moroccan National Tourist Office

Unique Experiences

A real land of contrasts acclaimed for both short stays and long excursions, Morocco offers tourists a mix of experiences centered around 3 pillars: cultural, nature and leisure.

  • Cultural: Discover the splendors of the medina and traditional arts, as well as souks and palaces
  • Nature:  Experience the breathtaking natural wonders of Morocco’s desert, mountain, and coastal landscapes
  • Leisure: Enjoy beaches, seaside resorts and sports for unique leisure activities, luxurious rhiads and exotic gardens

Diverse Landscapes

The diversity of cities highlighted by the Moroccan National Tourist Office campaign offers different perspectives:  the modernity of Casablanca, and the culture of Tangier, Rabat, and Fez, with extraordinary landscapes such as Azilal, Chefchaouen, Saidia, Ouarzazate.

At a time when 60% of Americans are planning to take a big trip in 2022, the Moroccan National Tourist Office hopes to inspire you to make Morocco – the perfect destination for discovering the unexpected– your next adventure.