Arlo Hotels Living Room Gallery – April and May

Anna Swiderska for Millennium Magazine

Arlo Hotels are now selling art out of their lobbies in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Miami and Chicago. The program is called the Living Room Gallery and it was created to give young art collectors exposure to blue chip art in a fun and creative space. The hotels host monthly Living Room Gallery events hosted by the brand’s art curator Jasmine Akarell.

The program has already resulted in sales since it launched at Arlo Hotels less than a year ago. According to Akarell, 25% of the art on display has resulted in sales and those who are buying are millennial or Gen z. Younger art collectors are choosing pieces under $20K, however they’re still a huge investment as the value grows. The pieces are from some of NYC’s most prestigious galleries and some of art has been shown in world-famous museums.

Millennium Magazine attended an  iteration of The Living Room Gallery at Arlo SoHo.

Arlo SoHo: Andy Warhol  / Collectors Series & Frieze Kick-Off

  • Living Room Gallery Event to Debut the collection on April 30 – Eventbrite

  • Collected by  Elton John, Madonna, George Michael, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, Neil Young, Courtney Love, David Bowie, Hugh Grant, Johnny Depp, among others

Arlo Nomad: Hunt Slonem Exhibition

  • Coming off the walls DTR Modern – NY, Palm Beach, DC gallery

  • LIving Room Gallery event to debut the collection on May 7 – Eventbrite

  • Hunt is a Neo-Abstract Expressionist artist and a household name among art collectors.

  • Collected by Whoopi Goldberg, Sonja Morgan, and many other celebrities

  • List of Museums / Public Collections featuring his artworks: HERE