Art Basel in Miami – An International Canvas of Artistic Creations

By Ivy Diel

To imagine that something as eclectic and imaginative as bringing the world’s greatest artists, sculptors and creators of imagery and their works of art to Miami in one beautiful city is close to surreal. Beginning in 1970, gallerists and artists with a passion and a dream to show their works of art established Art Basel, a compilation of international artists and their works of art in one of the largest and most diverse platforms, which would house this cultural show of such immense talent.

This year celebrates Art Basel’s 44th year edition to this collaboration of artists, curators, collectors and enthusiasts alike as 73,000 international visitors filled the exhibition halls, beaches, parks and streets of the trendy and bohemic Wynwood District and Midtown areas of Miami. With so much artistic versatility and enormous talent encompassing all facets of this three-day art extravaganza, it is hard to know where to begin to experience these works of art and the artists behind them.

In the midst of such enormous talent and wall after wall of such captivating art pieces, there is an artist which stands out above the rest who is both inspirational and as eclectic as her work. Claudia La Bianca was born an artist and since the time she could walk, she had a pencil in her hand. Having two sisters both in the arts, one a runway model and the other a fashion designer, Claudia knew in her heart that art would follow her too and she had the innate drive to follow it, so that is exactly what she did. Born in Bagheria, Sicily, Claudia painted her first mural at the age of 9. Needless to say, she has been painting and creating sensational works of art and imageries ever since, and Miami was where she chose to showcase them this year at Art Basel. Her most famous series “Girls on Bikes” was featured at the Congress Hotel and was highly successful amongst the art elite and her colorful, imaginative murals can be seen on walls throughout Wynwood and its surrounding areas. Claudia La Bianca is an artist to keep an eye on for anyone who appreciates the most gifted of artistic talent.

For more information on Claudia’s work, visit her website at: and view her works of art on Instagram at @claudialabianca

Art Basel is known for its art but we cannot forget the art of fashion as that is what is at the heart of Miami and the reason so many flock to its fashion shows, to see the latest in trends and the newest and best from designers from around the globe. Keeping with the theme of color and eclectic style, Luxe Isle is a clothing company whose recent fashion show during Art Basel stopped spectators and fellow designers in their tracks when they walked the rooftop runway of the Congress Hotel on South Beach. The models wore gorgeous, colorful silk tunics and kaftans, many with beads and crystals that are hand-sewn and emit originality like nothing else of its kind.

Like the elaborate and stunning silk clothing by Luxe Isle, its creator, Mali Hayes, also resonates an originality and beauty both in her creative influence and in her giving back to her community where she is involved in many charitable functions and organizations. Art Basel is much about a larger scale, global influence of various countries and heritages and backgrounds and the art is reflective of that. Mali’s clothing has the synergy of Miami with an Indian and European style influence. Mali recently showcased her latest collection of tunics and sheer silk cover-ups on the art walls of Wynwood during Art Basel. The photo shoot was a compilation of the artistic beauty of the artists paired with the artistic clothing creations of Luxe Isle, the perfect dynamic duo of artistic sorts for even the most finicky of spectators. The result was a work of art coupling the talent of Miami’s finest graffiti artists and the beauty and femininity of Luxe Isle’s silky creations.

With all of the diverse and immense talent that Miami has to offer with Art Basel and all its artistic facets, it is no wonder it is the city of choice to house this one-of-a-kind artistic wonderland. It is a certainty that like this past week, 2015 will not disappoint its spectators and its enthusiasts and they will be left wanting for more.

For Information on Luxe Isle, please visit: