Art Is What You Make It

Connecticut is known for its beautiful fall colors, slices of Americana; it’s known as the “nutmeg state”. But it also has a distinctive and bustling art scene. The artists and museums in the area are extensive and unique. The art world is always changing, and longevity in it can fluctuate. Isabella Garrucho Art Gallery has been on the scene for over thirty years, and is still going strong. The art of art consultation is, in itself, an excellent skill. Working with an expert art curator ensures the client gets exactly what they want.

We asked the Isabella Garrucho Art Gallery a few questions about art today, the state of the art world, and maintaining a small business in this age of gentrification.

In the early 1980’s, there was a boom of hip artists who were fighting against the counterculture movement of the 60’s and 70’s, and art seemed to become more commercial. As artists began to find new ways to express themselves, economic growth increased and art became a collector’s game. Isabella Garrucho began her company in the early 80’s and was the number one corporate art dealer in Fairfield and Westchester Counties for over 35 years. About ten years ago, Alex Trimper joined her. “Isabella approached Alex saying how the art industry was taking a huge turn towards online sales and that she was not well versed in the internet.  Alex had built up enough experience in other fields where partnering with Isabella at that time was the right step to keep the brand going, ” reports the gallery.

With this new partnership, and as a co-owner, Alex could focus on internet sales to continue building Isabella Carrusho Fine Art. With a new online platform, they created their gallery in Greenwich in 2016. Their spokesman told us, “It was an amazing decision as it has allowed them to showcase their amazing inventory in a physical space, as well as become a prominent business in the Greenwich community.”

They know how to pick appropriate works for the gallery. “The right artists/pieces for out gallery are the ones which will excite our clients and appeals to a wide variety of clientele.” Adding, they won’t add anything with, “Graphic images, i.e. violence, drug use, gratuitous nudity, etc.” They know, though, how art affects the social and political climate, noting, “Many artists, sculptors, painters, photographers, approach social issues like the environment/and or politics not only as themes but also areas in which they can effect change which has implications for the role of the artist in society.” That knowledge is just one element that makes them successful.

Isabella Garrucho Art Gallery is a small business that is always thriving and their longevity is a testament. They attribute this to 5 key foundations: “1. Community involvement 2. Creating a strong network 3. Social media 4. Location 5. Reputation.”

For those who dream of opening their own gallery, their biggest piece of advice is, “Having a strong foundation of the art market and art history is essential.”

For over twenty years, Isabella Garrucho has found the “perfect pieces” for what her clients want; she has provided artists with an outlet to showcase their work. It is incredibly gratifying for her and her amazing staff. The customers aren’t the only ones who walk away happy. The most satisfying aspects, they say, are “Working with amazing staff and artists. Assisting clients in finding works of art that they truly love and are excited to see every day, whether it is in their home or office.”

And, as with many New York galleries, there are perks to being so popular. Celebrities are spotted in their gallery often. The biggest, most exciting star to come in? “BENJI <3 <3 (best day ever)”. Good to know the art business isn’t too dog eat dog.