Millennium Magazine Presents Ted Barkhorn’s Pareidolia Photographs”

Millennium Magazine Presents

Ted Barkhorn’s Pareidolia Photographs “Modern Images of The Natural World”

Preview at Novo Arts at 263 Bowery, New York, 10002,

6:00 – 9:00 pm Monday January 28, 2019.

Come enjoy cocktails and fine art photography in the New Year!

Guests will receive gift bags and more!



About Ted Barkhorn

Once majestic now mysterious, gnarled, twisted Redwood roots inspire Ted Barkhorn’s photography.  Inviting viewers to see what’s implied not simply what’s immediately visible, the spiritual and natural converge as he expresses the phenomenon known as Pareidolia, recognizing meaningful imagery in random visual patterns.  Working with a Leica, he finds his  work is guided by an unseen hand as organic forms are rendered in a myriad of colors. He conceives of his work as similar to a stained glass window, meant to draw people in, to intrigue the eye as religion, faith and art all come together.