Heart Made Naturals

Yes, Queen!

Let’s talk beauty, boss-babes.  Specifically HeartMade Naturals Queen’s Face Serum. It’s my single favorite item from this line: @heartmadenaturals, which makes relaxing, luxurious and therapeutic salves, serums, and soaps.

Why the face serum?  It’s got all the good stuff for all skin types and ages: antioxidants, Vitamin E, essential fatty acids.  Not only does it seal in moisture, but it also protects skin from free radicals and other damaging effects from the environment.

 So what, Meg?  A lot of companies do.  I know, right.

What makes this company different?  Brenda.

(And the fact that you can purchase this face serum that actually works without spending $50-$100.)

Brenda is a retired nurse who began to do some serious research to help abate the conditions of two of her many beloved grandchildren who were dealing with some serious issues, and she wanted to help. Hence the brandname: Heart Made.

And help from her heart she did by creating her line: https://heartmade-naturals.ecwid.com/


This lady, folks, is a grandmother! 

After doing all that prolonged research, combined with her medical background, she creates a variety of products only using organic, simple, and natural ingredients.  The Queen’s Face Serum is constantly selling out at several boutiques.  (Hence my urgency in snagging a couple of bottles to try out myself.)

Here’s what I do.  I wash my face in the morning as usual.  Then I use the rollerball on the Queen’s Face Serum to rub the magic youth serum all over my face.  Then I leave it on about five minutes to soak in–yes, I have that extra cup of coffee and catch the weather on the news.  After that, I put my makeup on as usual.  Feel free to use it at nighttime too, so that it really soaks into your skin while you’re sleeping.

Brenda and @heartmadenaturals offers a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t feel and look like a queen after using this product.

What do you have to lose?  Except maybe a few facial blemishes, fine lines, dullness, ruddiness, dryness (you get the idea).

Check her out on Instagram @heartmadenaturals 

Her website: https://heartmade-naturals.ecwid.com/

XO, Meg