Feed Your Face

By Lora Condon

Nutrition is in! So if having beautiful, soft skin is your goal, you’re in luck if you feed your face with skin-loving fruits, veggies and supplements. By adding them to your diet, you can see an almost immediate overall benefit to your skin and of course, your face. There is hope for all of us and it’s found in your local grocery store. Less than 10% of the water, vitamins and minerals ever make it to our skin because they remain in the other organs to keep the body functioning, so it’s important to add or increase these ingredients in your diet. When you do, you’ll probably feel better, lose weight, not to mention look younger.

1. Water is the number one element keeping our skin looking young, soft and supple. Our bodies are approximately 70% water, and when we’re dehydrated, our skin looks wrinkled, dull, dry and older. When your lips are dry and cracked, it can often be due to not having enough water in your system, plus drinking more water deters you from snacking on those salty, fatty treats. The easiest way to get in your 64 ounces a day is to have a 32 ounce water bottle and know that you just have to drink two a day.

2. Probiotics are the good bacteria in our intestines. Women know that when we take antibiotics, it upsets the balance of our intestinal flora by killing all the good and bad bacteria thus resulting in yeast infections. By adding probiotics to your diet you’ll keep your body balanced, skin soft, digestive track clear and many times probiotics clear up eczema, dermatitis and mild psoriasis. Probiotics can be taken as a tablet, yogurt and Kombucha tea.

3. Omega oils are not only great for the softness of the skin, they’re also important for optimal brain function. To minimize wrinkles and increase your youthful glow, you can take supplements or increase your intake of olive oil, salmon, avocado, and primrose capsules especially after menopause.

4. Dark leafy greens are the holy grail of skin nutrition. They’re filled with antioxidants, cancer fighting properties, fiber and water. Try spinach, broccoli rabe, kale and turnip greens.

5. Green tea, especially the Matcha powder version is a cure all. The anti-oxidants in green tea alone keep skin looking young in every category. Be careful not to ever boil water for green tea, which is very fragile. Boiling the water kills the antioxidants, so it only needs very warm water.

6. Protein is what makes up most of the skin. By eating more protein, you’ll strengthen your skin, hair and bones. In addition to better skin, eating more protein is well known for weight loss and increased energy. Protein shakes, biotin capsules, meat, beans and greens are all good sources of protein.

7. Cherries and pineapple specifically are incredible for reducing inflammation in the body. By reducing inflammation, you decrease any puffiness and aging. Pineapple also helps with digestion thus clearing out the intestines.

8. Turmeric is a spice that can be eaten as well as put on the skin. Mix it with honey and yogurt for a hydrating, smoothing mask for brightening skin and reducing scaring. Internally, it helps digestion, reduces inflammation, antiviral, antibacterial, fights cancer and fungus as well as contains Vitamins C,E and K , potassium, fiber, zinc and iron. Put it on everything for a little zing.

9. Fiber keeps the digestive track clean which is the major key to overall body health and functioning. If the intestines are clogged or backed up, the toxins and waste remain in the system to create illness. To prevent clogging, 30 grams of fiber are recommended. You can find fiber in dark leafy greens, fruit and supplements.

10. Nuts are little powerhouses of nutrition. They’re filled with omega oils, fiber, and heart clearing properties that keep fresh oxygen going to the skin to keep it bright and clear. Walnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews and pistachios are the superstars of nut-rition!
When grocery shopping, the key to health is to spend the majority of time around the perimeter of the store where all the fresh food like fruits, produce, meats and herbs are kept.