Florida Hooters Girls Hit the Bahamas for 2023 Hooters Calendar Shoots 

Seventeen Hooters Girls from the Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers, Hialeah and Sarasota Hooters locations had the opportunity to travel to Bimini and Chub Cay for their 2023 Hooters Calendar shoots. All of the ladies currently work at Hooters restaurants.  For some of the Hooters Girls this is their first time shooting for the calendar, others are returning from previous years.

Bimini Calendar Shoot Participants:  Grace Burchett (Fort Myers Beach), Alexis Costello (Fort Myers Beach), Anjolie Santana (Fort Myers Beach), Hana Joy (Fort Myers Beach), Courtney Sullivan (Cypress Creek), Jenise Lebron (Cypress Creek), Auna Ferro (Boca Raton), Madison Novo (Hialeah) and Jessica Dowling (Fort Lauderdale).

Chub Cay Calendar Shoot Participants:  Sloan Miavitz (Sarasota), Olivia Scott (Sarasota), Aria Slavin (Sarasota), Sarah Magda (Sarasota), Miya Vidales (Sarasota), Kaitlyn Camareno (Fort Myers), Skylar Becker (Fort Myers) and Chloe Chisholm (Fort Myers).

“I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to travel to the Bahamas with the company. I got to make new friends with the girls from other stores and overall had an amazing time” said Skylar Becker from Hooters of Fort Myers.

“Being invited to the Bahamas was such an amazing experience. I never thought I would be so lucky to have the opportunities that Hooters has given to me,” said Aria Slavin from Hooters of Sarasota.

“I have never traveled outside of the country so being able to explore the island was an amazing experience I will never forget,” said Madison Novo from Hooters of Hialeah.

“Shooting in the Bahamas is a one of a kind experience.  Not only is it cool because we get to shoot in beautiful crystal clear blue Bimini waters, but we also get to experience giving back to the people of Bimini by delivering goody bags to the elementary schools and visiting Joe at Joes Conch Shack. It’s fulfilling all around,” said Hooters Calendar Photographer Junigar Herrera.

During the visit in Bimini the group of Hooters Girls distributed coloring books, crayons, sunglasses and toiletries to 90 children at Gateway Christian Academy in Bimini. The Hooters Girls enjoyed spending time with the kids.

I had the most amazing time with Hooters shooting for the 2023 calendar in Bimini. One of the highlights of the trip was visiting a school to donate and hangout with the kids. It was really special. It’s an experience I won’t forget and will be forever grateful for,” said Courtney Sullivan from Hooters of Cypress Creek.

“Shooting for the calendar, participating in our team building activities and getting to soak in the Bahamian culture were all unforgettable experiences. As someone who wants a future in education, visiting the local school in Bimini was so rewarding.  Thank you to my Hooters family for this amazing opportunity, it’s definitely one that I will always hold close to my heart,” said Jessica Dowling from Hooters of Cypress Creek.

“Getting the opportunity to travel to Bimini not only to shoot for the Hooters 2023 calendar but getting to go to the Gateway Christian Academy Elementary School to give out donations. In so many ways it melted my heart and I loved every moment. The kids welcoming us with arms wide open was so touching and uplifting.  I am so grateful to be a part of such an amazing company. Hooters gives us so many wonderful opportunities and I can’t thank them enough,” said Auna Ferro from Hooters of Boca Raton.

Additional Hooters Girls had the opportunity to shoot at locations in South Florida, Sarasota, Fort Myers and the Keys for the 2023 Hooters Calendar. Over 200 Hooters Girls from eight countries are featured throughout the Hooters Calendar.

The Calendars will be available at Hooters in October.  The Calendars are $15 with $1.00 of every calendar going to the Kelly Jo Dowd Fund for Breast Cancer Research.

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