The Property Siblings Honored with The Millennium Award

A Tale of Two Siblings Celebrating Excellence: The Remarkable Journey of Scott Bennett and Dawn Bennett-Forgione

In the sun-drenched landscape of South Florida’s real estate market, two extraordinary individuals stand out, not just for their professional prowess but for the depth of their compassion and the strength of their familial bond. Scott Bennett and Dawn Bennett-Forgione, affectionately known as the Property Siblings, epitomize the pinnacle of success in both business and philanthropy.

For their professional commitment and dedication to charity, Millennium Magazine has  presented the Property Siblings with ‘The Millennium Award’.

As proud agents at Lang Realty, the duo has left an indelible mark on the South Florida real estate scene, having facilitated the transactions of close to 2,000 properties in their careers. However their story goes far beyond mere numbers; it’s a narrative woven with threads of resilience, empathy, and unwavering dedication to serving their community.

At the heart of Property Siblings mission lies a commitment to charity, inspired in part by Dawn’s triumphant battle against breast cancer. Her journey from survivor to philanthropist infused the company’s ethos with a deep sense of social responsibility. Their business model extends beyond your normal real estate services, with additional focus on assistance for seniors, particularly through their specialized business, “Almost a Daughter.” This bespoke offering caters in part to out-of-town clients grappling with the emotional and logistical challenges of selling a loved one’s home as they journey into assisted living or after their passing.

“What’s really unique about us is we do things holistically,” Scott affirms.

The siblings understand the complexities of such transitions and provide not just professional guidance but also invaluable emotional support, along with assistance in the physical move — easing the burden during a difficult time.

Dawn has been in South Florida real estate since the late 90s and found that there was also a wealth of seniors who needed to sell their property, but they were on their own.

“Their adult children weren’t present to assist them and moving was such an overwhelming process.” Dawn states, “That’s when I started ‘Almost A Daughter’, where we become like family and coordinate the entire move.”

Their success is not merely measured in real estate transactions but in lives touched and communities uplifted. The Property Siblings’ commitment to charitable endeavors sets them apart as real estate royalty with a heart, embodying the belief that true success is not found in wealth alone but in the positive impact we make on others.

“When a loved one passes away,” Scott adds, “and their family is out of town, we can organize their personal effects, send them where they are designated to go, help hire and oversee maintenance personnel to fix any issues and arrange for the final cleaning before the closing.”

In November of 2020 during the Covid Pandemic, Scott made the move to Boca Raton from New York City where he had a successful commercial real estate career for 25 years. His fine tuned negotiating skills and extensive knowledge of the real estate business, made him the perfect complement to Dawn’s thriving business and expertise of the South Florida market — forging a formidable partnership rooted in mutual respect and shared values.

“In fact, we really lived very separate lives.” Dawn stated, “I lived in Florida for 35 years and Scott was mostly in Manhattan. ”They would see each other once or twice a year when their father was alive. “When my dad passed away we found a note that said remember the good times not the bad.” She laments, “You guys are my world —PS take care of each other.” It meant so much to them Dawn laminated the letter and it still sits on her counter today. “We went from not really being in each other’s lives to becoming best friends.”

Theirs is a story of reconciliation and redemption, as siblings who once lived worlds apart, found common ground in their father’s poignant words. In honoring his legacy, Scott and Dawn have not only built a thriving business but have also forged a bond that transcends mere partnership, evolving into a profound friendship grounded in love and mutual respect.

The Property Siblings are more than just a real estate partnership; they are a sanctuary of compassion and integrity, where clients are not merely transactions but cherished members of an extended family.

Dawn and Scott are not just real estate professionals; they are beacons of hope and agents of change, illuminating the path forward with their unwavering commitment to excellence and service.

In honoring Scott Bennett and Dawn Bennett-Forgione with ‘The Millennium Award’, we celebrate not just their professional achievements but the essence of their humanity—their ability to touch lives, inspire change, and leave an indelible legacy of compassion and kindness in the world of real estate and beyond.