How To Glam Up A Simple Prom Dress

Prom season may be months away, but it’s not to early start planning your look for that once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You will attend plenty of parties and perhaps even some red-carpet events. But, your prom will always hold a special place in your heart. It’s when you say goodbye to many of the people you’ve spent years with and when you officially finish your education. 

In the past, it was essential to purchase a ball-gown style dress for your prom. However, in recent years acceptable wear has changed drastically. Today, the emphasis is on dressing up but still remaining true to who you are. 

That means you can choose almost any dress you want. You can start with one of these great prom dresses, there are plenty to choose from.

Of course, when you choose a simpler dress you may be concerned that you won’t stand out enough or make the right impression. Fortunately, that’s not an issue. You simply need to know how to glam up a simple prom dress.

Draw Attention To Your Eyes

The prom is not the time to stick to your usual eyeliner. Instead, consider some black eyeliner on your eyelids with a little smoky black for good measure. Your eyes will be mesmerizing, some people won’t even notice what you are wearing. 

Check The Hair

Your prom is the perfect opportunity to try something different with your hair. Naturally, you should try the style a couple of weeks before to ensure you are comfortable with it. 

One of the best options is to go with a classic Hollywood look. This never goes out of fashion. Simply give yourself a side parting and make sure your hair has a slight wave as it cascades down the side of your face. 

Red Lips

Nothing is more appealing than red lips with a gentle shine. You will want to think about your skin tone, it’s important not to go too bold, especially if you have a pale tone.

If you focus on your eyes and lips then you’ll need very little other makeup.


Add sparkle to any prom dress with the right jewellery. A necklace which catches the light is perfect for a plunging neckline and you can pair it with sparkly earrings. Choose a colour that matches your prom dress and your skin tone and the jewellery will really pop. 

Add Some Sparkle With A Bag

If you’ve kept the prom dress relatively simple then you can enjoy adding a glittering clutch bag to your outfit. It will probably be an attention grabber and helps to create the right look for your prom. After all, it is a party. 

Don’t Forget Your Shoes

You can add more sparkle with your shoes or you can simply opt for a bold colour that compliments your dress. Both will help to make you look glamorous on your special night. 

Best of all, if you’ve chosen a simple prom dress there is a good chance you can wear it again for other occasions. That’s rarely the case with a traditional prom dress.