PROBLEM SKIN? NO PROBLEM: Codex Beauty Labs Launches the Antü Collection

Codex Antu

Codex Beauty Labs, the plant-based biotech beauty brand, announced its second collection called Antü®, which protects the skin barrier against reactive oxidative stress with ingredients sourced from the unique, low-pollution climate of the Patagonian rainforest. Named after the most powerful Pillan spirit of the Mapuche people in Chile, Antü represents the Sun and wisdom. 

Designed to protect and restore, the Antü collection includes products that support the microbiome and strengthens the skin barrier to defend against UV exposure and pollutants, including PM2.5 particulates. 

The collection harnesses the patent-pending AntüComplex®, a protective formula from three Patagonian plants (Matico, Maqui, Murtilla) and hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, that soothes irritation and reduces inflammation, especially from mask-wearing, sun exposure, and pollution. The plant bio-actives are powerful antioxidants that remain stable in formulation, while the hyaluronic acid primes the skin with moisture to enhance antioxidant activity. For maximum antioxidant protection, all products are supplemented with South American bio-actives having immuno-stimulant and analgesic properties.

Vegan and certified by MyMicrobiome, Leaping Bunny, EWG verified and EcoCert COSMOS natural. “Our goal is to provide effective skin solutions which protect the native microbiome. Each collection delivers functionality that customers can mix and match in individualized routines, avoid redundancy, minimize spend, and reduce waste,” state Codex Beauty CEO Barbara Paldus,