PARIS LAUNDRY: A Clean Cause-metic

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Where do you purchase your clean beauty?  Well, if you are like millions of others, from popular retail outlets.  Nothing wrong with that, except, how do you know the product is truly clean?  And by clean, we mean meeting the EU standard which bans 1300+ ingredients from all cosmetic products.  The USA bans a mere 30 to be classified as “clean.”

To make matters even more confusing, the words clean, organic, natural, and vegan are often used interchangeably (and sometimes incorrectly) to label a product or brand.  Consumers can be vulnerable to the world of clever marketing and copywriting techniques that can mislead and go unchecked for validity. And then there is the concern of who reaps the benefits of sales.  Corporate executives and celebrities who imagine themselves lifestyle gurus, most likely.  And you didn’t even know you had this dilemma.

So where do you find really clean beauty that never compromises? Paris Laundry.  No passport needed, just a desire for curated clean beauty with a conscience and a cause.  It all happened when, one day, editorial stylist and mother of four Kelsey Bucci was diagnosed with breast cancer.  At age 30.  Not something an otherwise healthy and happy woman expects to hear.

kelsey bucci“Getting diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years old with no family history or genetic links to the disease, hearing “environmentally caused” time and time again really made me refocus” recalls Bucci.  Her passion for clothes and style morphed into a mission to learn everything there is to know about cosmetic formulation.  “Through my diagnosis grew a true passion for non-toxic beauty and living.”

While a cancer diagnosis is never serendipitous, the growing consumer awareness and demand for transparency and safe products made the timing more propitious. “There is more research being done and people want to buy products that are safe for the health not only of their skin but overall body as well” Bucci states.   During a year of intensive chemotherapy which included some very unpleasant dermal side effects, Bucci realized through her online research and communication with others, that not only was she not alone in her quest, but that the desire for clean beauty of the highest standard was widespread.

“Paris Laundry is different because it was born out of a personal need for myself at a time when my body was the most vulnerable” Bucci asserts.  The result is an online shopping experience of painstakingly curated beauty, wellness, and lifestyle products that are chosen not only because of what they are formulated without,   but that is high-performance and quality-driven.

Most importantly, a portion of all proceeds is donated to charities that benefit cancer research and patients.