Emotional Utility Beverage ‘Friday Fuel’

Corrinne Rose, Liya Joelle Jones
Emotional Utility Beverage ‘Friday Fuel’ pre Festival Day Party took place April 11th in Bermuda Dunes, presented by Richie Akiva with DJ sounds by Pookie during Coachella weekend. The innovative functional beverage brand EUB introduces Euphoric Mood Boosting Beverages.
Cali Hoy, Ella Sophie


Kelsey Kummerl

Talent and influencers such as Teyana Taylor, Richie Akiva, Banks, Mackenzie Dipman, Badius, Crime By Design, Bella Banos, Chef Jonah Johnson, Eustace Montgomery-Hicks, Kailyn Shepherd, Camryn Burke, Diana Madison, Andy Lua, Lexi Gryszowka, Talia Tellez, Alannah Keyser, Cali Hoy, Ella Sophie, Jace Cameron, Kelsey Kummerl, Hailey West, Ray Marie Morris, Ryder Sloan, Marc Sloan, Liya Joelle Jones, Ginga Flame, Jack Crev, Argjira Berisha, Brooks Paul, Christian Osorio, Juliet Hartley, and more, stopped by the intimate desert bash, hosted by Emotional Utility Beverage founder, entrepreneur Charles Gores, to celebrate the mind fueling drink pre-festival.

Diana Madison
Kailyn Shepherd

The Focused, Cognition Boosting Sparkling Beverages are now available at Erewhon, Bevmo and GoPuff. Guests hydrated with the full flavor collection poolside, specialty EUB cocktails mixed with Tito’s and Casamigos, while enjoying lite bites under the desert sun

DJ Pookie

Richie Akiva, Teyana Taylor
Ginga Flame
Camryn Burke

Lexi Gryszowka

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Photo Cred: BFA