By Danielle Ricci

Have you ever wanted to amplify the sound on your computer or cellphone? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! Admit it, that’s why you put your phone in a mug to play music…. Well now you don’t have to! CANZ is a small speaker with a big sound! It works through your wireless (or you can plug in a small cord to attach it to your phone) and is rechargeable.  CANZ is small, easily portable and radiates sound in a great way.

So the next time you want to play some music in the park, at the pool or just for a few friends–break out your CANZ speaker. Just make sure to lower the volume on your phone to 50% before you blast your tunes… You can always make it louder using the volume button on your phone if you REALLY need it at maximum level.

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Danielle Ricci is a Los Angeles-based Actress and model.