Tips For Better Time Management At Work

When you are at work, you are so busy trying to manage everything from the people in your employ to the products you have created. When all is said and done, there is very little time left to innovate and ideate to grow the business you have worked so hard to actualize. Read on for some ideas on how to manage your time more effectively in the workplace.

Use Artificial Intelligence as a Work Aid

If your company uses a CRM or customer relationship management software tool, such as Salesforce, then you already know how effective it can be at streamlining your customer management process. What you might not realize, however, is that there is a new tool available for you to make it even better.

Try using AI notes for Salesforce to seamlessly and automatically transfer meeting notes through the power of artificial intelligence directly into Salesforce once the meeting has adjourned. Gone are the days when the rest of your staff had to wait for the appointed note-taker to enter pertinent information into the CRM. Now, through the power of intuitive AI, everything will be captured and transferred immediately. This way, everyone can get back to work right away.

Decrease After-Hours Communications

The idea of reducing your team’s ability to communicate outside of normally scheduled work hours may seem like it would interfere with productivity. In all likelihood, unless there is an emergency (and let’s be honest, most work is not considered an emergency unless there is a fire), it can wait until the next business day.

Put policies in place to protect your entire team’s private life from being encroached upon by their work lives. When your people feel that their personal time is valued and respected, they will work harder for you during their routine work days, thus becoming more dedicated and finding better ways to manage their time at work for maximum productivity.

Minimize Distractions and Interruptions

Distractions can pop up from any direction. Everything from a ping on your smartphone with your cousin’s update about their new car to a bird flying by your window can pull your focus away from your important work. Find effective ways to minimize unwelcome interruptions by following these suggestions:

  • Silence unnecessary notifications on your phone.
  • Draw the shades or pull the curtains on your window.
  • Close your office door.
  • If you work from home or an office cubicle, hang a “Do Not Disturb” sign when you need to focus.
  • Make an intention to focus for 20 minutes. Set a timer so you will not keep looking at your clock.
  • Create “Office Hours” just as professors do. Invite others to come in for discussions or collaborations during this timeframe. This will partition the rest of your workday into time just for you to complete projects without interruptions.

Watch this video to learn one expert’s guidance on how to save yourself time by incorporating seven habits into your workday.

Get ready to manage your time better at work by following these strategic concepts. They are easy and acces