Why It’s Important to Learn to Drive

If there’s one thing that you should only do once, and you should do it when you’re a teenager, it’s learning to drive. Many adults do not know how to learn to drive, and they have never had the opportunity to learn to drive because learning to drive is actually a huge privilege. Being able to have the money to fund lessons and then subsequent car payments, insurance payments, gas payments, road tax payments, you get the gist: It can get pretty expensive.

However, if you can learn to drive while you are young, you have a thing that’s with you for the rest of your life. When it comes to driving, experience can build your confidence and make sure that you are a safe driver on the road. You can’t account for every driver, however, but you can make sure that you are safe while you are driving behind the wheel. You can learn a lot about driving and a lot about cars when you look at things such as cold air intakes and new versus used car articles. With driving, you never truly stopped learning. So when you consider and set your goals in life, learning to drive should be one of them. Let’s look at some of the reasons why it’s so important for you to learn to drive.

Driving grows your brain

Did you know that driving is going to help you with your brain power? When you manage multiple tasks at the same time, your brain has to work differently and you’ll be able to develop neuroplasticity as a result. Basic driving involves coordinating your hands and feet to steer and work the pedals at the same time. When you add things like watching out for your safety, looking how other cars are getting on, following navigation instructions, or even sipping your morning coffee, your brain is being trained to process swathes of information at the same time. When you’re learning to drive new routes or you’re learning to drive a new car. You’re going to find that your brain power extends.

You gain both mobility and convenience

One of the biggest reasons people learn to drive is because of the mobility it offers. You have the opportunity to live far more rurally and cheaper if you know how to drive, because then you can drive into where you need to be. It’s not just about the daily commute, but you can have more convenient options when it comes to going to the vet, traveling on public holidays and even on a Sunday when the public transport system.Is hourly.

You gain privacy and better security

If you are traveling late at night because you work shifts, then you’ll need to feel more secure when you are traveling. Being behind the wheel of your own car and not stuck on public transport, worrying that you’re going to get stabbed by somebody coming out of a pub, it’s always a nice idea. Obtaining a driving license is a rite of passage for so many young adults and it gives you that responsibility, that independence that you’ve been looking for. 

You could get any job you wanted

Whether you’ve been held back due to location or the job that you want is one that requires you to have a specific driving license. You have a much better chance of getting the job that you want when you have a driving license in your pocket. So many people prefer to hire people who are already licensed drivers. This is a case of urgent deliveries or because of the specific vehicles they have on site. Of course, you then also have that option of becoming an Uber driver or a taxi driver in your spare time, should you want to earn a little more cash.

The cost

Yes, putting down money for driving is expensive. There are a lot of costs associated with getting behind the wheel of a car, but the expense that you’re going to pay in public transport costs can often be more. Owning, maintaining and running your own car can be seen as a huge expense and a burden, but having that responsibility brings a huge wealth of benefits. You can dictate those costs by choosing which car you want. You can manage those costs by making sure that you are using long distance travel sparingly. If you’re only using your car for a commute to the station as a park and ride option, you’re going to find you spend less money on gas. There are so many compromises that you can make on the costs of having a car, and then when it comes to buying one, you get to choose whether you have all of the mod cons or you choose to go with something a little less flashy.

It’s super convenient

If you are living in a rural or remote area then you know how inconvenient it can be to get around. The nearest hospital can be a 20 minute drive or it could be an hour and a half on public transport. Getting shopping home when you are traveling with your children in the car can be difficult when you’re trying to carry shopping and manage a pushchair and manage running children. A car takes away all of those inconveniences and gives you something easy for you to manage. Getting your driving license is something that you only ever really do once in life until you’ve reached your senior years, so the convenience that that generates over the course of your life is something you really can’t measure.

You’ll build your confidence

If you can learn to drive, you can learn to do anything. Studying the theory of driving, as well as undertaking and passing all of your driving tests can give you that personal confidence boost that you’ve been looking for. It also gives you developmental skills in itself, and by opting to begin that journey of progressing through your driving license lessons and gaining a license to drive any car. You have the opportunity to really expand in your life. That confidence is going to carry you through and you will feel so much more confident when you go for certain jobs or you decide to go for living in certain areas.

You get to be more social

When you have a car, you have the opportunity to be more social. You can go on driving holidays on long hikes because you can drive to the mountains and you can take your friends everywhere with you if you want to. Driving doesn’t just give you that push to spend more time away from home, but it gives you a chance to get out, and it’s a conversation starter if you really feel passionate about the cars that you are driving. If you have a close group of friends, or you’ve just had a baby and you want to be able to go visiting, it’s so much easier to do that in a car rather than having to hire taxis all the time.

You have the opportunity of more travel

Road trips are popular for a good reason, and whether you’re going to a distant relatives wedding or you just want to road trip across the country in which you live, it’s so much easier to achieve that when you have a car. Yes, you could probably make it work with coaches and walking, but why would you want to if you can drive yourself there? Packing up your car and choosing when you get to leave the house without being beholden to the timetable to public transport can make a big difference to your comfort. Knowing that you can just check your bags in the boot of the car one day and off you go is a big deal. Heading to the beach has just become ten times easier.

You have an opportunity for adventure

As much as you might love being social, being behind the wheel of your car gives you the chance to be way more adventurous. It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old, or you’re heading out to pick up a purchase from somewhere you’ve bought on Facebook Marketplace, you have the opportunity to stock up your car, pack in your friends and head off for an adventure whenever you want.

You gain freedom

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into music festivals, concerts or you really like family holidays, you are having so many possibilities handed to you just because you have a driving license. You can enjoy the freedom of not letting traveling hold you back, and you can make your own timetable around yourself rather than around anyone else. This allows you to embrace life to the fullest.

You know that you only live once and driving can really make it worth it. It doesn’t matter what kind of car you are into or what you want for your future vehicle that you drive with your kids, there are so many options out there and so many opportunities when you choose to learn to drive.