Jean Shafiroff – CEO of Good Works

Jean Shaffiroff is a woman with many interests. A style icon with a keen sense of social responsibility, Shafiroff is a well-known philanthropist, activist, humanitarian and fashionista. Then, in 2018 when she published her debut book, “Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life by What You Give,” she added the title of author to her list of accolades.

In her book, Jean gives us a practical guide to philanthropy and makes it easy to understand for the new generation. Successful Philanthropy helps you create your own path to giving with insight from Shafiroff to help identify your passions and how they can guide your philanthropic work.

The Many Contributions of Jean Shafiroff 

As a glamorous and generous philanthropist, she works closely with the multiple causes she supports. A small selection of the organizations she lends her time to include the New York City Mission Society, Stony Brook Southampton Hospital, and the French Heritage Society. She is also a New York Women’s Foundation Board Alumna and remains very active with the Foundation.

An animal lover, who rescues dogs and gives them a home, Jean is an Ambassador for the American Humane Society and the Ambassador-at-large for the Southampton Animal Shelter and works and closely with Global Strays.

Each year she chairs numerous galas and hosts events all in the name of raising money for non-profit organizations. For this, she has been honored by multiple organizations including the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, The Jewish Board, Youth Counseling League, Surgeons of Hope, The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, Pet Philanthropy Circle, Animal Zone International, Women’s Leadership Awards, the Dominican Women’s Development Center, the Better World Awards, and The Roshni TIA Awards.

However, Shafiroff’s philanthropic work is more than simply monetary contributions – she gives the gift of her time and extensive fundraising knowledge. As a volunteer fundraiser, leader and spokesperson, the New York native seeks to empower everyone to become philanthropists and bring the same fulfillment of giving into their lives as she has.

Where Style Meets Substance

Jean is well known for her elegant fashion sense, her love of ballgowns, and of couture clothing. Jean sits on the board of The Couture Council and was she was featured in a CNN article about dedicated buyers of couture clothing. She was also included on the Daily Fashion Report’s 2018 International Best Dressed List, and Hamptons Magazine’s Best Dressed List.

First Lady of Philanthropy

Jean is often a guest speaker on TV and radio shows throughout the country and is known for her style. The subjects she addresses include human rights, animal welfare, women’s issues and of course, philanthropy.

Road to Philanthropy 

Jean attended Columbia University where she received her MBA from the Graduate School of Business as well a BS in physical therapy from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons. She has worked both in public finance and private partnerships on Wall Street and before that she was a physical therapist at St. Luke’s Hospital in New York City.

Jean is married to Martin Shafiroff, an investment advisor, and together they have two daughters, who share their mother’s interest in charitable causes. Jean and her family reside in both New York City and Southampton, NY.

– Written by Carlos Lacayo