Cara Quici on the release of her highly anticipated remake of the Beastie Boys hit, “Fight For Your Right (To Party)”.


By Nik Pressly

Cara Quici released her highly anticipated remake of the Beastie Boys hit “Fight For Your Right (To Party)” in New York City with Dennis Rodman on her arm at the release party.  Licensed by both Universal Music Group and Sony ATV, “Fight” was personally approved by Rick Rubin and the Beastie Boys and was accompanied by Cara’s first official music video. Within the past few weeks, theNew York Post’s Page Six column and the New York Daily News Gatecrasher column affirmed her “pop star” status and she was added to a prestigious military concert tour roster.

With more than 30 songs recorded in collaboration with top writes and producers in Los Angeles, New York and Miami, Cara’s first single entitled “Away From You” reached the 27th position on Billboard’s Dance charts.  She has also performed live at many venues, including NYC’s Rokk City benefit for the Humane Society of New York and the 1 Oak nightclub, with special guest Leonardo DiCaprio.  

She already performed her three singles “Do It Now,” “Fall” and “Bad Girl” on the Bravo network (in fact, she even made the Top 15 Moments of The Real Housewives of New York’s” Season 5 list.)  Her songs, “Adios,” “OAI” and “Clone” were featured on four episodes of Country Music Television’s hit show “Southern Nights.” Cara has also been on NBC’s “Momma’s Boys” show (produced by Ryan Seacrest) and she he has been a guest on Howard Stern’s TV and radio shows twice.  

Here’s what she had to say about her success when Millennium Magazine’s Nik Pressly recently caught up with her [EDITOR’S NOTE: QUESTIONS ASKED  ON 5-16-13]

MM: Your new Fight video rocks!  How did you feel when it reached 1 million views in just four weeks?

CQ: It feels amazing and I mean that in every sense of the word.  Of course, I’m so happy it’s growing even more now, but to reach that 1 million mark as an independent artist means the world to me because it shows my fans are watching and I love them!

MM: How did you get turned on to the Beastie Boys?

CQ: Growing up, the Beastie Boys were a huge inspiration for me because I was choreographing dance and their beats in their Hello Nasty album really resonated with me.  I even won an award for a dance I choreographed and performed to their single “Body Movin’” at the IMTA Talent Convention in L.A. at 14 years of age.  

MM: Can you tell us how they reacted to your new version of “Fight?”

CQ: I recorded “Fight” in early 2010.  Having Rick Rubin personally approve my single was a dream in itself and I am honored.  I believe that speaks for itself.      

MM: Besides “fighting” for your right to party, what other “fights” do you like to pick?

CQ: I fight for our [United States] troops and our veterans.  They deserve all the support we can give.  Since they are fighting and have fought for us, I will fight for them when they come home.  They give the greatest sacrifice for us all.    

MM: How does a Texas girl manage to relocate to NYC? Do you miss home?

CQ: I knew I had to follow my dream. I’m very close to my parents and brothers, so I miss them and visit Texas often.  I am also a godmother to my 7-year-old niece; so I’m actually headed down to teach at Vacation Bible School for her class later this summer.  I have my auntie and godmotherly duties [to tend to].  I go to Texas as much as I can.  

MM: NY Magazine’s Vulture loved your performance on “The Real Housewives of NYC.”  Can you tell us how that all came about?

CQ: NYC “Housewife” Sonja Morgan has an event setting company, “Sonja in the City,” and she books artists for her events. She asked me to perform at housewife Aviva Drescher’s anniversary party that Sonja’s company organized.  It was a blast!  Sonja throws the best events.   

MM: You’ve written a lot of songs and performed many times on TV; what’s one of your favorite performances?

CQ: That would have to be performing for Bravo TV’s “Watch What Happens Live” hosted by Andy Cohen.  Andy is such a doll and so fun. I truly appreciate him for giving me that opportunity and believing in me.  Thank you Andy.  It was also such a crazy night because I went from Andy’s show straight over to my live show at the Double Seven in Manhattan. People in the audience were screaming that they had just watched me on Bravo, so it was nice to meet the fans in person.

MM: How long have you been dating Dennis Rodman?

CQ: My momma told me to never kiss and tell!

MM: Could it be your past experience as a Texas cheerleader that attracted you to the sporty type, or was it something else?

CQ: I’m not attracted to a specific type, but I’m always willing to take a risk!  

MM: Do you think it is possible for him to convince North Korea to give up the nukes?

CQ: You can’t convince crazy.

MM: Tell us about your support for the military?

CQ: I grew up with many veterans on both sides of my family, including my father and both my grandfathers.  My support for the military comes from my soul and it is forever. I am currently a spokesperson for “Million Faces of Support,” which is a movement created to encourage and support our troops through creating a montage of a million supporting faces. They’re trying to set a world record for the largest mosaic photo, measuring the size of a football field.  In the next couple years I also plan to begin my very own foundation for the troops and veterans.  I want to help make a difference for the men and women who have risked and currently risk their lives for our freedom and safety.  I was also recently added to the “Armed Forces Entertainment” tour roster. I look forward to entertaining our troops soon.

MM: What projects do you have coming up next?

CQ: I’m currently in the process of writing and recording my EP.  I’m so excited because my voice, artistry and writing has grown so much in the past couple of years. I’m ready to reveal my new music and self.  It’s such a gift to be able to grow through my music.  I also have an international tour coming up later this year across Europe and Japan.

MM: Can you describe what the writing and recording process is like for you?

CQ: Well, my writing depends on my mood and what’s going on in my life at the time. Usually producers send me tracks to write over, then I figure out what direction I want to take the song. Typically, melodies will come to my mind upon hearing each track and from there I start to create the story and emotion of the song. I prefer the studio to be a nice, quiet and intimate space where I can get into my zone. I also look forward to a future of co-producing all of my music.

CQ: How would you describe your fan base internationally as compared to the U.S.?

Both fan bases are extremely energetic and supportive. I’m excited about traveling the world on tour so I can learn more about them.


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