5 Entertainment Options to Liven Up a Crowd

Entertaining large groups of people can be a daunting task. Luckily there is a list of the most electrifying entertainment any crowd could ask for right below.


Music is a must at every party, so you can spend hours making a playlist for one event or hiring a DJ to take care of the music for you. Not to mention the struggle of technology and making sure your speakers are linked and hooked up properly to entertain your guests. Hiring a DJ is an easy way to make sure your music is appealing and appropriate for your event. Plus, a DJ provides a little bit of extra flair that you might not get from just a set of speakers.

Live Band  

There is a long debate about which is better: a DJ or a live band, and the answer isn’t as simple as one is better than the other. The answer comes down to, is there a trusted DJ and or band in the area that fits your party needs? Is there a venue and a place where a live band can set up compared to a DJ? Are the acoustics in the room appropriate for a live band? After talking to both and evaluating the space, it comes down to you to decide.

That being said, the most important thing to consider is sound. How well does the music sound? Everybody gets a little more intrigued when a band plays a cover of a song because not everyone has heard the band play it their way, but a DJ takes care of everything, and you have to worry about it a lot less.


You don’t need Tony Baker to make sure people laugh. When hiring a stand-up comic, the biggest concern is, “Will I be able to find a good one?” The answer is simple: Yes! You may not think it, but with the outbreak of popular stand-up comedy, there are a ton of comedians out there trying to find gigs to play. You should have your whole party cracking up if you do a little research.

Dancers/ Dance Floor 

If you are going to have music, people will most likely want to dance. Without a designated place for dancing, half the people would be trying to converse, and the other half is trying to dance all in the same place, which is a recipe for disaster. Having a dance floor or a designated dancing area might save your party.

Also, hiring professional dancers is a good way to turn some heads and spark up some conversation.

Drinks and Party Games 

Every party needs drinks. Whether you drink or not, your guests will most likely drink at the party, so providing some drinks will help liven the mood. Plus, you can mix the drinking and the party games for an epic event.


Throwing a party can be very stressful, and the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your guests will be entertained because the bottom line is, “was the party fun?” If you hit that, then everything else will take care of itself.