Interview With Anna Kulinova

By Nik Pressly

Rousse, an industrial port on the Danube River in northeastern Bulgaria, actress-model Anna Kulinova had no thoughts of either modeling or acting when director Mihail Getsov spotted the blue-eyed blonde waiting to cross a busy street. That meeting led to a part in “Dan Koloff,” Getsov’s 3-hour biopic about a World War I Bulgarian folk hero.

Ready for bigger things and eager to pursue opportunities in acting as well, Anna made the jump to New York, arriving in Manhattan with little money and no local connections. However, It didn’t take Anna long to get her teeth into the Big Apple. After making the rounds of the agencies for only a few days, Anna with her Marilynesque good looks, started landing assignments, working with such noted photographers as Rob Epsten, Patrick McMullan, Rob Wilkinson, Marco Pedde, and Mark Odgers and traveling to Italy, France, and Malta for shoots.

The energetic and ambitious beauty has scored an impressive body of work. Anna has appeared in many national and international publications, lingerie and swimwear catalogs, calendars, billboards, and on the cover of Contours (the top intimate-apparel trade book) seven times. Anna’s recent shoots include Ferrari, Maserati, Choice Jewelry, Charm Leather NY, and Beverly Hills designer Tina O.

MM:  We couldn’t help notice your picture on billboards in Times Square, NY and NYC Busses.  How’s the modeling going?

KA:  I’m actually going to LA for acting auditions and modeling.  I’m very lucky to have recently worked with the Photographer for Wahd Swimwear.  He works with Sports Illustrated, GQ Esquire, and FHM.  We shot in Malibu and I’m so excited to see the pictures.  I just shot a poster and catalog for Unrestricted Jeans.

MM:  Do you miss your home country Bulgaria?

KA:  I still have a lot of connections to Bulgaria.  My parents live there and I visit at least once a year.  I have an offer in the works with New Silhouette.  It is a lingerie and swimwear brand from Bulgaria to launch in US.  This would be the first time for me to be my own brand representative.  This fits well with my desire to promote trade between the US and Bulgaria.

MM:  You mentioned acting?

KA:  Yes I got a part in ‘Arbitrage’ with Richard Gere and met a lot of people in show business.  This led to a TV pilot called ‘Celebraty’.

MM:  How was working with Richard Gere?

KA:  I had a speaking role in a scene with him.  He was very nice and we became friends.  I told him how much I liked him in ‘American Gigolo’ and ‘Pretty Woman’.  He was so nice and really had a heart of gold.

MM:  Valentine’s Day is coming up.  Do you have any tips for the guys?

KA:  First of all, it should not be just once a year but maybe once a week or month.  It’s good to go shopping together.  A surprise can also be nice like something from your favorite designer.

MM:  Did you ever have a BF forget to give you a VD gift

KA: No Never.

MM:  What was your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?

KA:  I got a one-of-a-kind Italian designed– golden python coat with fur on the inside.

MM:  Do you have a boyfriend?

KA:  No I’m single. I like my freedom and being able focus on career and family. Sometimes boyfriends are complete distractions.

MM:  How do you stay healthy and in shape?

KA:  I am lucky to have good genes but I do swim every other day for one hour at NY Sports Club.  I do a fast walk on the treadmill twice a week.  Sometimes I’ll do aqua aerobics and steam room to remove water and toxins.  I am taking a daily dose of special vitamins prescribed & created by the celebrity — Dr. Richard Firshein, who also wrote the book — “The Vitamin prescription (for life)”.  My favorite food is salmon, which I eat almost every day.  Wild caught is best and is very good for the skin.  I eat very little meat but more salads, fruits, and yogurt.

MM:  It’s been such a pleasure to speak with you. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?

KA:  Yes, in the near future, I am planning on writing my own romantic comedy about coming from Bulgaria seven years ago.  I spoke to Garry Marshal about it and he seemed very supportive.  I figured, why wait for someone to give me a lead role in a movie, I will create one for myself!

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