Oleavia Savrandere Early Harvest

For many home cooks, olive oil is a common staple found in their kitchen cabinets, yet their choice in oils may differ even though it can be that all important ingredient in some dishes.

Oleavia Savrandere Early Harvest is probably used more than most, for the Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil product won 2 awards: Gold and Silver awards for its taste and quality in the 2020 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition.

Coccinella is the US distributor of the premium production olive oil, Oleavia, from Turkey. As a company that recognizes the importance of the meticulous process of producing olive oil in order to maintain its fresh taste and quality, the company says their goal is to offer their organic process and superior quality each year.

Oleavia is their family owned brand. They produce their premium olive oil after a meticulous process, in which they maintain the fresh taste but more importantly the polyphenols at a high level.

Since May 2020, Coccinella donated 3,500 bottles of Oleavia Extra Virgin Olive Oil to frontline workers in Minnesota, battling the Coronavirus outbreak.

The product is marketed and sold in the U.S. under by Coccinella.