What To Do If You Have An Accident In The Workplace

When you are in the workplace, health and safety is an utmost important part as it will keep you safe. You need to follow health and safety rules to ensure that you remain safe but also to back you up when and if an accident happens. Understanding who the first aider is and what to do when you have an accident is vital for your safety and to ensure records are up to date.

Contact an Injury Lawyer

If you find that you have a serious accident then contacting hamilton injury lawyers will ensure that you receive the justice that you deserve. Often they will help you to defend your case whether you have had a personal injury or a car accident within work. It’s always nice to have someone on your side who knows exactly what they are doing. This is where keeping workplace accident books and health and safety rules are followed to ensure that lawyers can look into how your workplace failed to keep you safe and how to prevent it in the future. Sometimes the eye of a lawyer who knows all the tricks that organisations play so having that peace of mind to take the weight off your shoulders can help you. 

Reporting an Accident

Although every business may be slightly different, the main procedure is the same and must be compiled to help you to take things further if necessary. The main incidents you need to act upon his accidents such as major injuries such as a broken arm, collapsing of scaffolding and gas related incidents as well as any other injury that stops an employee from completing their regular work for three days or more. 

Anything from a general cut to a major injury should be logged in the businesses accident log with every detail filed to ensure that it can be used later on as a record of events if need be such as claiming compensation. This is a good time to reread your contract to ensure you are completely knowledgeable about what sick days and accidents pay you receive and how to go about them.

Don’t Forget to Focus on your Injury

Sometimes it can be so overwhelming with what you do after your injury you forget to take the time to actually heal and look after yourself. It is okay to take the time to get checked out by the doctor before you take on anything to do with your employer, as long as you have input the details into the accident book, looking after any wounds or major injuries could be vital for you to recover faster. 

In some cases mental health can deteriorate when you have had an injury. Spending some time away from the workplace can do a world of good to reset the mind and reset before heading back to work. The doctor can sign you off work for a couple weeks if they feel like you need it to keep your stress levels down caused by trauma or injuries