Fun Activities To Keep You Moving Without Breaking A Sweat

Photo: Shelby Miller (shelbymdesign)

Everyone knows that sitting down for hours on end is the devil. Some researchers say it’s worse than smoking. 

Therefore, we’re told that we should be constantly on the move. Every moment of the day, our bodies should be on the verge of breaking a sweat, such was our primal condition and how we evolved. 

But, of course, in the modern world, spending every hour at the gym wouldn’t be desirable. Yes, you’d get insanely fit, but you’d also have to spend the whole of your life walking around, dripping with sweat. And sometimes, you want to be presentable. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of activities you can enjoy that won’t break a sweat (unless you’re in a tropical country with no air conditioning). These get you on your feet and help you avoid the perils of a sedentary lifestyle, but you won’t have to take a shower afterwards. 

Light Gardening

Obviously, picking up your compost bin and moving it somewhere else is going to break a sweat. Likewise, laying a new stone paver patio in the middle of the day is also going to leave you feeling hot and bothered. But going out in the evening and pruning a few bushes or trimming a hedge isn’t going to feel like a workout. Even so, it’s still going to get you on your feet and help you to enjoy yourself. 


You could also try doing some light yoga in the garage or shed. Again, you’re just stretching, so usually, you won’t break a sweat. If you do, switch to a form of yoga that involves less kinetic movement. Focus on the “yin” aspects of the class instead of the more energetic “yang” elements. You’ll still finish the movements refreshed and happy with your progress. 

Play A Game Of Pool

Another option is to play a game of pool (or snooker if you’re feeling like a pro). Don’t worry if you don’t have facilities at home. Plenty of bars and clubs have pool tables. These get you on your feet and can keep you entertained for hours at a time. What’s more, they force you to concentrate, so you don’t always notice you’re engaging in so much physical activity. You’re just walking around, chatting to friends and spending time on your feet. It certainly beats sitting down and watching TV. 

Go Swimming

Swimming is another activity you can try that doesn’t involve breaking a sweat. Yes, it means getting soaking wet, but it doesn’t feel as energetic as, say, jogging (unless you’re doing breaststroke sprint lengths up and down the pool). 

If you have a pool in your yard, that’s great. You can jump in, shower off, dry off, and be done in a few minutes. You can also go to pools close to work or at college. I

Take The Stairs

Another pro tip is to take the stairs when you go to work. This option is fantastic for anyone who wants to add a little fitness to their routine and doesn’t want to wind up puffed out all the time. Unless you’re climbing multiple flights, you shouldn’t get hot and bothered.

Home Page Photo: Kike Yega