How to Help a Family Member Make the Most of Life in Their Later Years

Seeing a much-loved family member age and become unable to do the things that they love is difficult. Watching someone that you care about struggle with everyday tasks can be upsetting. But, if you want to make sure that your family member lives life to the full during their senior years, there are plenty of ways that you can make that happen. Being able to help someone that you care about and make their later years as fulfilling as possible is truly a privilege. Here are some of the ways to help your loved one to get the most from later life:

Respect their Independence

Many older adults can feel a sense of frustration that everyone else seems to have an opinion on their life. Often, well-meaning family members can overstep the mark and make decisions without even asking. All too often, you hear stories of elderly family members going into residential care, when they want to keep their independence and to continue living in their own home. In some cases, moving to a care home is completely necessary for health reasons. However, for other people, continuing to live in their own home, but receiving additional support and care is a better option.

If you relative would prefer to continue living in their own home but needs some extra assistance with day to day life, you may be able to help. Your relative may be eligible for CDPAP which enables them to choose a carer who will be paid for the assistance that they provide. This caregiver can be a family member, so if they wish for you to help, you will be able to provide some care and be paid for doing so. Check out the cdpap guide  for more information about the program. Speaking with your loved one about their preferred care options will help you to understand their needs and which choice of care they would prefer to receive.

Keep Listening

Communication is essential to help you to understand how your family member is feeling. Sometimes, all people want is to talk, share memories, and know that someone is listening to them. Being there to listen and share stories is an excellent way to bond and enjoy special times together.

Making yourself available to talk will allow your loved one to talk about the things that they would still like to do, such as places they would like to visit. You may then be able to make these wishes a reality.

Have Fun

Having fun may seem impossible if your family member is restricted on what they can and can’t do. But, helping them to get the most from their later years doesn’t have to involve extravagant holidays or rock climbing. Instead, why not help them to get enjoyment from everyday activities? You could host fun movie nights for them to watch their favorite films, or bake their favorite cake and enjoy a special afternoon tea together. Whatever you choose, your efforts are sure to be appreciated.