Natural is nice, but discerning consumers want something extra. This crew of recent product launches includes results-oriented ingredients, sustainable sourcing, lifestyle-specific formulas, and inclusiveness in spirit, intent, and action.


naturally london millennium magazineNaturally London All-Natural Foot Care 

Naturally London is an award-winning female, black, and veteran-owned foot care + hand care brand that’s serving up unique products to maintain proper foot and hand health, while ditching all the nasties (synthetic colors, artificial fragrances, parabens, wax, mineral oils, phthalates, sulfates, petroleum, and micas) that are found in a majority of foot and hand care products on the market.

Confessions of a Rebel

Developed by Scentbird, is the first-ever fragrance built in collaboration with over 50,000 consumers, from start to finish. Blending feminine and masculine notes to defy categorization and create a world where everyone can belong. Inspired by late nights downtown, the cheeky and intractable names are just the icing on the cake.



Start with a patent-pending facial cleansing device that uses sonic pulses and hundreds of soft silicone bristles that reach deep into your pores to remove acne-causing impurities, soften skin and reduce signs of aging by massaging in your favorite serums, oils, and moisturizers to improve their effectiveness. For the ultimate skin refreshment, follow with a facial globe, Made of special borosilicate glass, meejee facial globes allow you to create a cooling or warming massage experience.

Six Gldn 

Based on 400 years of research in advanced Korean herbal medicine, combined with modern actives and BioSynergeX™technology. This exclusive delivery system, perfected over 9 generations of doctors, captures the incredible power of phyto-chemical synergy and intensifies the potency and bio-availability of the phyto-compounds in the formulas. 


jump skinJump Skin 

Created specifically to meet the needs of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Whether running, cycling, or lifting, sweat and activity-induced maladies such as acne, eczema, and chafing have always plagued those trying to remain active. Jump targets these common afflictions with pre-workout cleansers that remove oils and acne-producing organisms and post-workout toners that soothe and relieve friction-caused irritants and inflammation.


A USDA-certified organic and bio-based lip care line that manufactures its products in commercial kitchens, instead of cosmetic plants using mostly 100% food-grade ingredients. Equally irresistible is the eco-chic packaging filled with a range of colors to suit any look.


Off Court

The first aluminum-free deodorant that doubles as a cologne. Developed for active lifestyles, the highly effective formula offers lasting odor protection pre-or post-workout, and everything in between. A trio of deodorizing agents instantly eliminates and traps odor at its source. Prebiotics support the growth of good bacteria to suppress the odor-causing bacteria. Three fragrances available:

Elina Organics Cranberry Rose Skin Refiner

Fresh and handmade, this plant-based skin refiner contain an abundance of antioxidants, Vitamin C & B plus beta keratin to nourish and reduce fine lines. Rosehip and cranberries give a gentle exfoliation to fade discoloration while fruit enzymes remove dead cells to provoke new cell turnover. Manuka honey extract leaves skin soft, hydrated, and smooth all over.


Pressology Moringa Meltdown

An Ayurvedic alternative to traditional facial cleansers, this dreamy plant-based cleansing oil rids the skin of pore-clogging impurities while promoting cellular growth by deeply nourishing and supporting skin tissues. Loaded with anti-aging Zeatin, collagen-boosting Vitamin A, and a plethora of botanical antioxidants, and oils, It warms the skin as it cleans, hydrates, and shields against environmental stressors.

Evan Alexander Grooming

An all-natural regimen of care for the modern man that knows the importance of a well-kept look for self-confidence and swagger. Founders Joseph Evans III and Brandon Patton are just like the men they cater to–ambitious entrepreneurs and dream seekers who appreciate taking the time to groom and pamper themselves.


youngblood masque millennium magazineYoungblood Mineral Cosmetics

The clean, mineral-based brand adds two new masks to its skincare roster. The Intense Hydrating Soothing Masque de-stresses and calms skin. Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil helps to reduce temporary redness with essential omega-6 and omega-3 acids and Apricot Oil & Aloe Vera Extract soothe and deeply condition the skin. The Nourishing Detox Masque gently cleanses skin of impurities, debris, and excess oils. Added honey restores skin with antioxidants plus deep seawater to replenish dehydrated skin.

unwrapped millennium magazineUnwrapped Life The Healer

The limited-edition bars include a moisturizing shampoo + conditioner combo inspired by the healing powers of Earth and Water. Featuring awakening essential oils of orange bitters and distilled lime that meld seamlessly, with the quiet comforts of tonka and vanilla. Each purchase of “The Healer” will prevent 1,000 plastic bottles from entering the ocean.