Paying It Forward With John Legend

By P.K. Greenfield

John Legend left his corporate job to pursue his dream of becoming a singer/musician. He took a“leap of faith” and his life changed forever — he found his calling and correct path.

As a college student, back in the 1990s, John was a dedicated pupil but also understood his talent, his gift, and wanted to share this with the world.

“I studied hard, but I also worked on my music tirelessly because I believe luck happens when opportunity meets preparation. I knew if I were ever to get my moment, I had to be ready to step up to that big stage,” said John.

He experienced the first “Aha moment” when he met singer Lauren Hill and that led to more encounters and more “leaps of faith” with other major recording artists.

Today, his music has been heard around the globe, entertaining and inspiring many people.

John is currently working on a mentoring project. Joining a partnership with AXE® White Label Collective, young musicians and artists have an opportunity to learn the ropes and make their dreams and aspirations a reality.

“I know what it’s like to start out and how intimidating the journey can be,” said John.

A contest was launched today for young musicians and designers with the “Take The Leap” campaign.  Winners will be chosen via YouTube submissions. Mentorships include guidance from John and industry professionals to help tomorrow’s artists achieve and succeed.  It’s all about paying it forward.

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