HeLLeR was born on a cold 6th of October, in a rehearsal room, where her father was playing with the band. She grew up with lullabies like The Doors and Kiss, and used to fall asleep with the six nylon strings and a dark warm voice.

She used to sleep in acoustic guitar cases and in the radio station where her father was working. She was a shy little girl and grew up with her own 12 strings, spending time writing songs. She wrote her first song, ‘I want to be a Hero’ when she was 9 and started playing in pubs when she was 12.  Her first album ‘Rock Woman’ was published in 2008 in Italy and she has become one of the most popular Italian singers on the internet.

HeLLeR founded the HeLL’StaTioN, her independent label in the 2005, and now she produces her own music and also other Italian bands.  Her first single ‘Looking For’ (2006) became popular in France, USA and Australia, and her second, ‘Nothing to Lose’ (2007). Their videos were in the top 20 of International Music Television for a whole year.

In her album ‘Rock Woman’, featuring musicians like A. Polidori (Nuno Bettencourt & Liquido) there are 14 tracks (six in Italian and eight in English), the sound is a perfect mix of Rock and Pop. The first single from this album ‘Material Girl’ a Madonna cover, was transmitted by all TV and all the radio stations in Italy, and had over 300,000 views in just a few days on YouTube. Her second single, ‘DIFENDIMI’ has over 500,000 views.  Her total views from all her YouTube channels exceed 10,000,000. HeLLeR is now in the US shooting her new video and recording a new album.