By Racheal A. Mack

Simply the best way to manage your earbuds

We’ve all had this problem: you pull out your earbuds to take a call or listen to some music, and then spend the next few minutes untangling the cords. The task of untangling can be completely frustrating.

Spoolee puts a fresh spin on earbud management by providing fast deployment, convenient storage, and ultimate organization. Buy Here.


1. Super-fast Deployment – Spoolee’s unique ‘unspool’ action deploys your earbuds in under a second.

Spoolee in action



2. Comfortable & Durable – Built from soft yet durable neoprene, Spoolee can squish down flat helping it fit comfortably in tight spaces like your pocket.

Spoolee can Squish


3. Secure & Organized – With your headphone jack anchored in the nylon loop and your earbuds captured using the velcro strap, you can be sure your earbuds will be kept organized and secure.

pants spoolee



4. Quick, one-time install – Once installed, You can keep Spoolee conveniently secured around your headphone jack while plugged into devices.

Spoolee on arm



5. Compatible with all different types of earbuds – Spoolee is compatible with straight or right-angle jacks and even accommodates for inline volume controllers.



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