8 People Who Can Help You Sell Your Home for the Best Price

If you want to not only sell your home, but you want to get the most for it that you possibly can in the current market, then unless you are a seasoned realtor with tons of experience, and endless success, under your belt, you are going to need some help.

Here are the 8 experts you are going to want to have by your side when you next sell a piece of real estate:

1 – Experienced Realtor

It goes without saying that having a realtor handle the sale of your home is a good idea if you want to fetch as much money for the place as possible. They have all of the insights and negotiation skills, not to mention the legal knowledge, you need to sell and sell high, so do not be tempted to go it alone.

2 – Professional Photographer

High-quality imagery is crucial in capturing the attention of potential buyers, and making them fall in love with your home, so you know that hiring a professional who knows exactly how to showcase your home in the best light, highlighting its best features and creating a visual narrative that appeals to buyers, is a smart move.

3 – Virtual Staging Experts

In a digital-first world, virtual staging companies can be pivotal to bring in the best price, which is why you should definitely use Phixer for virtual staging. They will use the tools of their trade to make your home look the best it can possibly look online to bring in those views and get people excited for your space.

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4 – Handyman to Fix it Up

A handyman can address those small, yet significant, fixes around your home. From tightening a loose railing to fixing a leaky faucet, their ability to smooth out the rough edges can make your home appear well-maintained and more appealing to buyers.

5 – Landscape Gardener

First impressions matter, and a landscaper ensures that the first view of your home is a positive one. Whether it’s manicuring lawns, trimming hedges, or planting flowers, their work enhances the curb appeal of your property.

6 – A Home Inspector

Getting a pre-inspection can be a wise move. A home inspector will help you uncover any potential issues that could hinder a sale, allowing you to address them beforehand. This transparency can also build trust with potential buyers.

7 – A Cleaning Service

A thorough, professional clean can transform your home. A cleaning service will ensure that every corner of your house sparkles, from the floors to the ceiling, making it more inviting for viewers.

8 – Social Media Expert

In the age of digital marketing which we are truly living in right now, then having a social media expert can extend the reach of your listing significantly for sure. They can effectively promote your home across various platforms, engaging potential buyers through targeted social media campaigns.

The more help you have from the pros, the higher the price will go – it really is that simple!