An Exclusive Photo Shoot of 50 Cent’s Connecticut Home

Photography by Alan Barry

Rapper 50 Cent has sold over 50 million albums worldwide becoming a mega mogul. With a minority stake in Vitamin Water, he made $100 million when it was sold to Coca Cola in 2007 for $4.1 billion. He has even had a movie biopic made about his life. Yet despite an estimated net worth of $155 million, 50 filed for bankruptcy in July of 2015 and today his Farmington, Connecticut home sits on the market for sale.

Many critics speculate that 50 is not a broke as he claims. Either way, the Queens-bred rapper has come out a winner in many battles he’s fought and the measure of his home is a testament to the successful moves he’s made throughout his career.

Listed with realtor Douglas Elliman of Greenwich, the 21-bedroom, 25-bathroom mansion  is selling for $8.5 million. It’s 51,657 square feet of ‘wow’ with a basketball court, gym, disco, recording studio, conference room, home theater, indoor and outdoor pools among many other rooms that a day’s worth of shooting wasn’t enough for photographer Alan Barry to cover.

“To capture a house of that size was a challenge,” said Barry. “The whole place really is magical because of the scale of everything.”

Fiddy bought his mansion in 2003 for $4.1 million and poured somewhere between $6 million and $10 million into it, customizing it with his G-Unit brand throughout. The lavish estate, sitting on 18 acres, cost about $67,000 to maintain monthly, and has annual taxes of $131,585. It sits at 50 Poplar Hill Drive where the rapper had petitioned the U.S. Post Office to change the house number from 46 to 50.

Before it was 50’s, the house changed hands many times. It’s most known for once belonging to former heavy weight world champion Mike Tyson before his wife won it in a settlement from the brawler who had an estimated worth of $400 million. 50 bought the home from Tyson’s ex-wife for just $4.1 million. Before Iron Mike was king of the castle, it was home of a major Connecticut developer, said Barry.

The home is one of few in Connecticut with approved grounds for landing a helicopter which makes for easy access from/to New York City. The realtor listing says, ‘opulence and luxury is the essence’ here.