3 Innovative Ways Technology Is Shaping Delivery Businesses

Delivery businesses are highly common and touch upon one of the biggest industries in the world. The idea of logistics may sound hard, but it’s quite straightforward. Ultimately, it all comes down to someone wanting to transport a load of goods from one place to another. This is where delivery companies step in, acting as a third-party that controls the movement of goods. 

Over the years, delivery businesses have undergone drastic changes. We’ve seen them evolve quite rapidly, and it’s all thanks to technology. So, here are three ways technology is shaping delivery businesses:

Electric Vehicles

Clearly, car tech is a massive thing. There are countless innovations every year, but one of the most important is the birth of electric vehicles. Cars and vans that produce zero carbon emissions are essential for planet earth. Naturally, this technology has birthed the idea of delivery businesses only using electric vehicles. It cuts their emissions, and will ultimately end up reducing the overall carbon footprint on planet earth. 

In the same breath, you can also point towards drones as an electric delivery vehicle. Some companies are already deploying them, and they provide a way to deliver small packages without any emissions. Expect to see more changes of this ilk in the future!

On-Demand Jobs

In the past, delivery companies depended on clients coming to them. If you owned a delivery business, you’d wait for someone to contact you with a job to perform. Now, technology has completely changed this! These days, you will find many websites and apps that let you browse trucking work, finding jobs as and when you please. The ball is in the delivery business’s court, letting them approach clients who have posted job adverts. It’s almost allowing companies to pick and choose the deliveries they make, rather than settling for whatever comes through. 

Advanced tracking

Back in the day, you had no way of tracking a delivery. You’d get an email when it’s been shipped, and then you had to wait patiently for it to come. Now, technology has birthed a range of tools and devices to make tracking easier than ever. Delivery companies use GPS  devices to show customers where their packages are. In some instances, you can literally follow your driver on a map via an app. Emails are sent, but you also get texts and push notifications letting you know when your driver is closer or what number you are on their delivery schedule. If you’re not in, you even get photo evidence of where your parcel was left! 

The developments in delivery tracking have made it much better for customers. In fact, if you own a delivery company, invest a lot of money in this. The more detailed your tracking features are, the more customers will trust and prefer you. 

It’s interesting to wonder how these technological changes will continue to shape the industry. Who knows what delivery companies will look like in a decade or so? For now, all we know is that technology has had a significant impact on how delivery businesses operate – and it’s all positive!