Best Series and Shows to Watch Right Now for Students


In the modern-day world, it is hard to find someone who is not a fan of TV. There are so many series being produced each year. They vary from drama to reality TV. All you need to do is pick the best. Below are some of the shows recommended by the essay writing service in Canada.

Master of None

This is such a good series it is rated 100% on rotten tomatoes. If you are a fan of Netflix, you have to check this one out.


It follows the life of Dev, a young actor in New York. They address the significant aspects of a person’s young life. Also, the show is based on the experiences of Aziz Ansari. He is co-creator and writer on the web series. Master of None is one of the most viewed Netflix series. Although the series has not returned for a third season, it is worth watching. It will keep you hooked as a young person. It will give you scenes and events that are relatable to you. This is what makes it so appealing to the youth.

The Baby-Sitters Club

This is a novel series that was first adapted for TV in 1995. But it has now been rebooted by Netflix. The production features a group of friends who start a babysitting business. They band together on this idea because of their shared interest in it. They intend to turn it into a fully-fledged enterprise. The first season of the web series was released on 3 July this year. Therefore, if you are looking for what to watch, the Baby-Sitters Club is a good option. Aside from the joy of starting a youthful venture, it features several challenges. For instance, one of the main characters tries to get the attention of an older boy. Other problems emerge once their business picks up, and they realize it needs hard work.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

This is another TV series that was rebooted by Netflix. It is a must-watch for all science lovers. If you love the thrill of scientific evil being crushed, this is the select show to watch. It follows Jonah Heston who views several cheesy films alongside his robot companions. In 2017, it was ranked as one of the best teen shows on Netflix. Many people wanted to see how the remake would look like. Based on the various reviews, it did meet the expectations of most fans. However, the remake was also short-lived as it only aired for two seasons. Still, you can search for a DVD of the original series. It has ten seasons and is still regarded as one of the best TV shows for teens. 

Feel Good

This is an excellent show to watch if you are a supporter or member of the LGBTQ community. It is one of the top shows on Netflix this year. It follows the life of Mae as she struggles to maintain her sobriety and manage her love life. It is an excellent web series for fans of the comedian Mae Martin. She plays herself in this production. 


So, you are going to get tasty bits of her. If you are seeking something with a touch of comedy, you will also get it here. The characters are relatable to most people, especially those in college. If you are a struggling individual in your early twenties, watch this. You will get a change of perspective. It has also been viewed by many who use write my essay.

Ugly Delicious

If you loved the work of Anthony Bourdain, you would find Ugly Delicious appealing. It features David Chang as he visits various cities trying different cuisines. He is also joined by the likes of Peter Meehan and Jimmy Kimmel. On these tours, Chang breaks down foods and the cultures that influence them. It is one of the best shows on Netflix for students. If you want something that will relax your mind while in school, watch this show. Besides this, it will give you a pang of hunger that you have never had before. So, follow it moderately.

Dirty Money

This is one of the top shows on Netflix. If you are a college student, you should find time to watch this series. It focuses on the ideas of money and integrity. They expose different individuals and firms who have gained their wealth fraudulently. Also, this is a moral issue that should be emphasized to college students. These are the people who will get into the job market next. They need to realize that integrity is essential in the world. Thus, as a student, you should watch this documentary. You will understand some of the major problems our world is facing. You will learn to be cautious when signing up for any job. But most importantly, you will learn to be honest.

The Confession Killer

This is a documentary series that focuses on the life of Henry Lee Lucas. Robert Kenner directs the web series. It has helped the families of victims killed by Lucas get closure. In the documentary, Lucas discloses crucial information on the murder of hundreds. Lucas is one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Investigators and lawyers have raised doubts about Lucas’ role in the murders. Still, his confessions have provided enough evidence. If you have not watched this docu-series, you should check it out at Netflix movies. It is similar to Mindhunter. But unlike the drama, it focuses on one serial killer.


Also, it helps solve many questions that have been raised since Lucas’ imprisonment.

Immigration Nation: Miniseries

This is a new miniseries on Netflix. It focuses on the immigration issue in the United States. As such, it is a must-watch for any individual. With the current presidency, the issue of immigration has been on the debate. Harsh directives imposed by the executive have led to the disruption of many lives. You do not need to be an activist to show your interest in such matters. It is a matter involving humanity. Every student in university or college should watch this miniseries. It will provide them with a better glimpse of what is happening in their country. It is not an easy watch, as shown by But it is essential to the everyday American.


Above are the various shows one can watch as a student. They range from comedies to documentaries. If you are a fan of comic science fiction, there is also one suggested for you. But, if you are into documentaries, follow Confession Killer or Immigration Nation. These are perfect picks for anyone looking to make a change in the world.