Best Music Streaming Apps for Students

Back then, parents used to look at CD covers and check to see if they had any explicit warnings, before commending their children’s purchase. Nowadays, there are a plethora of music apps that have made music accessible everywhere. You do not need to press or click a button. Your voice can create your playlist. Thus, this makes it difficult for your parents to stay on top of your music listening habits. Moreover, listening to music has numerous benefits to your academic career. Not only do you get to understand your study material with ease but also get the motivation to continue studying. Also, when handling difficult academic writing assignments, you need not worry about anything as you can always buy pre written essays from professional writing services.  


Music streaming is growing at a tremendous pace since its inauguration. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient techniques to listen to music. The majority of stream music services let you listen to music for free, which helps restrain the need for piracy while artists continue doing their work. Additionally, it is easy to access with a variety of options. So, if you are in the pursuit to stream some music, below are some of the best music streaming platforms and services that you can use. 

The most popular music apps that students use 

Students use a variety of music streaming apps to listen to their music, such as Pandora, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL, and TuneIn Radio. But, according to research, the following are some of the most popular music apps that students use:


Spotify is a social music streaming platform that allows its users to search for their favorite artists, songs, as well as albums. The social aspect of this music app is that it will enable you to follow friends and artists as well as allow you to stay on track with the latest songs and get music recommendations. 

The user profiles on this app are set to public by default. However, you can change this to private in the app’s settings. Also, you need to note that this music app does not encompass a filter for open lyrics. 


TIDAL is a high conformity and clean music player app that is designed for music buffs and enthusiasts. Additionally, students can utilize its music video streaming feature. Besides the per-month price subscription, users ought to invest in excellent headsets to use the TIDAL music app. 

Also, it is crucial to note that this music streaming app does not censor all open lyrics or music video content. Hence, this makes this streaming platform the best for older teenagers. 


YouTube Music

YouTube Music is among the best and most popular music streaming services that students use. It has a dedicated music and video streaming feature that allows you to stream music pertaining to a particular musician, genre, or album. Besides sampling playlists that the platform suggests, YouTube Music is not a musically filters app. Thus, parents need not worry about anything since children cannot be exposed to music with open lyrics, themes encompassing substance abuse, and sex with ease. Moreover, children cannot view videos with adult content. 

Amazon Music

The Amazon Music app sanctions its users to listen to personal songs from a catalogue containing millions of songs. Additionally, this streaming app entails individualized recommendations and systemized playlist channels. 

There is a massive distinction between Amazon Music and other music streaming platforms. While on Amazon Music, users can integrate music they have bought from Amazon, import music purchased from iTunes, as well as upload music from mp3s. However, this music streaming platform does not entail an overt lyric filter. Nonetheless, if you want to enjoy yourself by listening to music on this platform, go ahead. You should not worry about managing your heaps of academic writing projects as you can always ask for professional writing help from PerfectEssay. 

New streaming music apps students should know

Despite the popular music streaming apps that students use, there is a ton of new apps that are growing in popularity that you should know. These apps contain unique features that help distinguish them from other music streaming apps and services. They include the following; 


Deezer is a music streaming platform that is fit for mix-tape aficionados. It provides users with the ability to create limitless music playlists. Additionally, this platform offers its users audiobooks, podcasts, as well as live radio broadcasts. Thus, if you want to listen to anything, in particular, you can use its music downloader feature to get any type of mix-tape that you want. 

Deezer also has a family plan subscription where children can create their profiles. After, they get to receive content that is fit for their different ages. 


Slacker Radio 

Slacker Radio has a music streaming feature that is more or less similar to that of the Pandora app. However, the music channels for this app are created and designed by individuals, whereas that of the Pandora app is curated using an algorithm. 

Slacker Radio fanatics can listen to genre-specific stations. However, this app offers more exhaustive stations that incorporate a collection of a musician’s best music as well as an assortment of their influences. Unlike other music streaming services and apps, this platform offers its users a content filtering option. This allows them to bypass any music that contains unambiguous content. 

So, if you want to enjoy this music feature, visit the Play Store or Apple Store app on your device and download it. You can listen to the various playlists here while going about your studies or managing your academic writing assignments. However, if the tasks are too complex or many for you, consider getting professional help from do my essay for me cheap services. 

In conclusion, listening to music can impart your academic career in various ways. Not only can it help you to be more productive but also enable you to get the inspiration to study and work hard. Additionally, you can manage the majority of your academic assignments by listening to music. And thanks to technology, you do not need to rely on a CD player or download different types of music on your phone to enjoy yourself. There is a variety of music streaming apps that you can use to enjoy yourself. However, while at it, you need to ensure that you do not use music apps that showcase explicit content. Nonetheless, the above are some of the best music streaming services for students that you can use.