RIDGE HILL: Westchester County’s “Town Square”

Experience Westchester County’s “Town Square” shopping just a 35 minute drive up the beautiful Hudson, from New York City. Westchester’s Ridge Hill provides “experiences” beyond great shopping, to create a place where families and friends can meet and spend leisure time. An outdoor center patterned after a small-town shopping hub, it features a central Town Square with a children’s play area, and has an intimate, welcoming feel. It functions as a classic small town shopping experience. Spring is a fantastic time for a drive up the Hudson with its beautiful views.

Ridge Hill Shopping Center provides New Yorkers with many of the same stores that they frequent in the city, without the heavy foot traffic. They can also enjoy sit down restaurants, including asian fusion, and greek among other delicious choices. Adding to the shopping center’s international flavors is Little Buddha, just recently opened this week. Travelers can feel like they’ve escaped the hustle and bustle for a day, without having traveled too far.

Check them out on facebook here:  www.facebook.com/ShopRidgeHill

View their entire store directory here: www.westchestersridgehill.com/directory