Mantra Vie

Mantras.  Intentions.  Mindfulness. Meditation.  

These are words we should all incorporate into our lives.  (Fact check me; the science is behind it.)

These words were the motivation for Christina Gaskins to open her store Mantra Vie

What’s Mantra Vie mean?  Live Your Life @mantravie.

Her intention was to create a community of strong, like-minded individuals that can inspire each other to make the most out of each and every day.

That intention is the purpose behind how she chooses her inventory: based on her own life–what she herself would actually wear according to her mantra.  A beautiful mother of three, she thinks of herself as the customer when purchasing for her store–brilliant!

But she found that she wanted to expand her wardrobe as her lifestyle expanded.

What I love most about shopping  The variety of the pieces and the prices! If you shop @mantravie, you won’t look like every other female who shops the same, mundane stores.

Of course, they still carry workout wear (yoga, pilates, weight-training, running, running to the grocery store in leggings), but their pieces are original and unique.

Oh, and surprise: Christina also carries i99 jeans–the kind Carrie Underwood wears.  I got them.  Love them.  True to size.  My everyday go-to jean.

And their super-cute, distinctive sweaters, leather jackets, swimwear, accessories like leopard or feather earrings, stacked bracelets…the list goes on.  I could spend all day there.

In fact, when I brought my daughter into the store with me, intending to spend an hour or so getting material ready, we spent three hours there mooning over the inventory.

Mothers and daughters, teenagers, guys, and people of all ages were coming in and out that Saturday afternoon because @mantravie is so appealing and individualistic to both women…and the men.

All are included with open arms into their mantra.

For men?  Workout attire, jeans and joggers, date apparel–just like the ladies’ options. #couplegoals

Their seasonal rotation is also fun to watch.  And they only carry six pieces of each size, so once something is gone–it’s gone.  This is why they rotate inventory so much, and also why you’ll stand out anywhere you go: the gym, school pick-ups, date nights, the beach.

We’re all one of a kind.  Shouldn’t our wardrobes be, too?

Their mantra? Live the Mantra Life with Mantra Vie.

So what’s your mantra?  Find out with a simple click:

And carry it with you.

XO, Meg