Tips If You Have A Fear Of Flying

Passenger afraid and feeling bad during the flight in plane

Having a fear of flying is one of the most common fears in the world. Infact, statistics have found that almost 40% of people experience anxiety in one form or another when it comes to flying. While statistics don’t always help, it can remind you that it’s not a fear to be ashamed of as so many people suffer from it, but that there are things you can do that can help to curb this feeling. Whether it’s anxiety over taking off, landing, or the flight itself, knowing you can take certain steps to make yourself feel better can be a real comfort. Keep on reading to find out more about what you can do.

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Take a fear of flying course

This is one of the most common things people can do and it’s a great way to help you feel better about flying. There are many fear of flying courses that can be done, both online or in person and they can help teach you more about the workings of planes and speak through your anxieties. Hearing professionals teach you about things such as turbulence and easing any fears you have can be a real game changer when it comes to taking to the skies.

Look into natural remedies 

Sometimes natural remedies can really help curb anxiety such as from fear of flying. This could be taking some natural Cbg products to make you feel better. You might decide to keep a journal or do some mindfulness coloring. You could look into a podcast that is designed to help you feel less anxious, or you could use distraction techniques when you are flying. Things such as watching a film or listening to music can all make you feel much better and take your thoughts away from the fact you are in the air. 

Stressed Traveler in Airliner Cabin

Be as organized as you can on the day

When you are already worried about flying, having other things to stress about can make it all a lot worse. Instead you want to ensure you have a smooth pre-flight experience. Leave plenty of time to get to the airport and if you are coming from far away, consider staying in a nearby hotel the night before. Have all of your documents ready such as your passport, boarding pass and anything else you might need and pack your bag with plenty of time. You could also consider booking into an airport lounge to make the experience a bit more exciting and not so scary.

These are just a few simple things you can do that can help if you have a fear of flying. Being scared to fly is common and is something most of us have felt at one point or another. Recognizing this fear and doing what you can to combat it can mean that you don’t have to miss out on traveling or doing the things you love. What are some of your top tips for combating a fear of flying? Let us know in the comments below.