Top 3 Fun Activities To Do with Kids In The Caribbean Islands

You probably know how the Caribbean islands are destinations for some of the best vacation spots. In 2019, the islands evidenced a stellar 32 million tourists from different corners of the world. The number resulted from a 4.4% increase to 2018’s 30.7 million visitors. Thanks to the hot tropical climate, the average temperature circles around 28°C. While the mercury does hit 30 degrees in June, it is still pleasant weather to stay across the seashores. 

Families that love traveling will want to tour the islands at least once in their lifetime. No doubt, the islands present a perfect getaway amidst the beautiful scenery. If you plan to visit with kids, there are plenty of family friendly Caribbean islands. 

What is the most challenging thing to choose if you plan a stay? It is definitely about selecting the best fun-filled activities for your family. The options are many and in this article, read about the top three for you and your family.

Have fun spending your day by the beach

Spending time on the beach had to come as the first choice for fun and quality family time. After all, the Caribbean islands have access to some of the best beaches and best stretches of white sand. Kids love playing with the soft sand by creating sandcastles, palaces, etc. If you can connect with another family staying next door, you can even have sandcastle competitions and other fun activities with their kids. 

Most Caribbean beaches are family-friendly, so you get all the beauty if you stay in a beachside villa. More surprising is that some villas even have a private beach for families. That will surely be a fun and memorable experience for your kids.

Check out Amusement Parks near your Island.

Caribbean islands come with plenty of recreational options for tourists. Amusement parks are therefore present on almost every island you visit. The most amazing ones include fun water parks, themed parks, adventure rides, etc. Visiting these amusement parks will undoubtedly be pleasurable for the whole family. 

Some of the most famous amusement parks include the Aquaventure Atlantis (Bahamas), Ocean World Adventure Park (Puerto Plata), Splash Island Water Park (Saint Lucia), Rainforest Adventures (Ocho Rios), etc. There are even unique themed parks like the one in Puerto Rico that has a pirate-themed park called the Faro y Parque Histórico de Arecibo.

Zip-line Tours with Unlimited Adventure.

If you are in the Caribbean with your family, you should try the zip-line tours. There’s nothing more adventurous than zipping your way over the lush rainforest and its tropical beauty. Nearly all islands have their zip-lining tours available. So, regardless of which island you are in, you can enjoy the fun ride with your family.

The zip-line tours are conducted by responsible authorities and at safe speeds. Kids over 5-6 years are allowed to ride the zip line.

Wrapping Up

Most family-friendly Caribbean islands have villas that offer eye-catching beauty and lustrous views. Alongside gorgeous beaches and picturesque rainforests, some islands like Saint Lucia have mountains. These islands are best for a family vacation, even if you have small kids or old parents.